Skin Care - Leeds Again Change Cream

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South Korea
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Leeds Again Change Cream (150mL)
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skin care anti aging wrinkle,
Body Lotion

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    Product name Skin Care - Leeds Again Change Cream Certification FDA
    Category Body Lotion Ingredients -
    Keyword skin care anti aging wrinkle Unit Size 5.7 * 4.7 * 17.7 cm
    Brand name Leeds Again Change Cream (150mL) Unit Weigh 150 g
    origin South Korea Stock 50
    Supply type OEM HS code 3304991000
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    ● Item Description

    Leeds means heyday.

    Every moment of you should be your prime.

    It is a double functional cream that can be used on the face and body at the same time. It helps in moisturizing/soothing management, wrinkle/elasticity improvement, whitening improvement, and prevention of stretch marks.

    ** Why does the skin stretch?

    Stretch marks occur for a variety of reasons, including rapid weight gain, pregnancy, and changes in growth hormone during adolescence. This sign means that you have reached an important turning point in your life. Through consistent and continuous skin care, you can experience more beautiful and healthier changes.

    The best way to prevent stretch marks is to keep your skin hydrated. Massage the skin on your abdomen and legs frequently with a safe moisturizer, maintain adequate humidity indoors, and drink plenty of water to avoid drying out your skin.


    * Product Name: Leeds Again Change Cream (150g)

    * Function: Dual function (anti-wrinkle/whitening)

    * purpose :

    - Moisture care for dry skin

    - Post-meal flexibility management

    - Wrinkle and whitening management

    - Moisturizing skin care during adolescence and growth

    - Skin recovery after outdoor activities

    - Protect sensitive skin before and after childbirth

    - Soothes sensitive skin


    * characteristic :

    - FDA, CPNP registration completed

    - All ingredients use EWG green grade (skin irritation test 0.00)

    - Saponin ingredient + 17 kinds of natural extracts.

    - 5treatments at once...

      (wrinkle/whitening/moisturizing/soothing/skin barrier protection)

    - Less stickiness and excellent spreadability and absorbency.




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    3 Dr.A

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Sea yun suk

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      Jakchon-ro 35beon-gil Majang-myeon Icheon-si Gyeonggi, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Skin Care Set,Other Facial Care

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      Cellcubator Dr.A 


      Cellcubator is...

      a compound word of Cell + Cu (re) + (In)cubator (cell + cure + incubator).

      Like growing a newborn baby, it helps the skingrowth (cell, beauty experts, and beauty businesses) 

      and cures damagedskin so that the skin can restore itshealthy status through the care and help.



      Dr.A is...

      Under the mission ofhelping to exert the social influence of beauty professionals who are devotedto 

      the beauty of their customers, Dr.A restlesslyresearches and develops to provide total 

      solutions (products, services,education) for beauty experts to become acompanion for healthy 

      and beautiful life of beauty experts and customers withskin troubles. Cellcubator Dr. Awill lead 

      the self-reliance and growth of the professionals who are engaged inthe development of domestic 

      and foreign beauty & therapy market and beautyindustry.



      Cellcubator Dr.Ais...

      the Cellcubator forboth customers and beauty professionals.


      ** Slogan : "Challenge the work you love andwalk the path with love." 





      1. For Customers...

       - We protect and care for weakened skin withproven products and professional services.

         : Products & Services Curator


      2. For BeautyProfessionals & Beauty Businesses...

       - We provide total solutions (products andeducation services) for beauty professionals dedicated to beauty.

         : Development of Products, Services &Educational Contents


      3. For Beauty &Therapy Ecosystem...

       - We develop and operate a platform that helpsthe beauty industry development and the social and economic growth of

         beauty professionals.

         : Co-marketing, Sharing Economy, SocialResponsibility (sharing)















      2019.  5 - P1P Dr.A Homepage & Shopping Mall Renewal


      2019.  4 - Moved the Headquarters (to Gyeonggi-do)


      2019.  3 - Certification of Company Research Department (Design ResearchR & D)


      2019.  2 - Beauty Knots Brand Development (Platform)


      2019.  1 - Sponsored the Alto University of Finland (HelsinkiUniversity of Economics) - 2018 sponsored joint Alumni Event



      2018. 12 - Singed the MOU for Beauty & Health Experts -NOITAVONNI Co., Ltd.


      2018. 10 - Signed the Beauty Technology Exchange MOU - KOOKMINUniversity, Health and Beauty Management (Credit)


      2018.  9 - [BM Patent Application] - AI-based, Procedure Service MatchingMethod


      2018.  2 - Women Entrepreneur Certification



      2017. 10 - P1P+A Triple Magic New Product Launch (7 Skin BasicProducts for Professional Management)


      2017.  8 - P1P+A Triple Magic Brand Development


      2017.  7 - Opened the P1P (Head Office)


      2017.  6 - Launched 3 Types of P1P+A (advanced) Ampoule


      2017.  4 - P1P+A (advanced) Brand Development


      2017.  2 - Separation of SKIN Division / Dr. A Co., Ltd.(Cellcubator Dr.A)


      2016.  8 - Nationwide P1P Dr.A Launching Presentation


      2016.  7 - Launched Dr.P1P New Product (Cosmeceutical) / Phytos Co., Ltd.



      2015.  9 - Official Sponsor of the 1st KOOKMIN University PresidentPrize (Beauty Science Conference)


      2015.  8 - Opened the P1P Dr.A Homepage & Shopping Mall


      2015.  7. Establishment of P1P Dr.A Nationwide Branch Offices



      2015.  3 - P1P Dr.A (cell cure Aesthetic) Service Brand Development


      2015.  1 - SKIN Division (B2B Channel) Launch / (Prev.)

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    • Verified Certificate FDA
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