Brain health BF-7 Fibroin Memory

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8 FAMENITY Co., Ltd.

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    Improves Brain Health and Learning & Memory


    In a series of in vitro, in vivo and 10 human clinical studies carried out by various clinical research groups, it was found that BF-7® exerts significant improvement on cognitive function, short and long-term memory and learning ability in a wide range of age groups, from children to the elderly. 


    BF-7® for Cognitive health

    1. US FDA New Dietary Ingredient Notification, Halal certification

    2. NIH Textbook citation BF-7

    3. KFDA Certificate of Health Functional Food

    4. BF-7 Effectiveness Research Performance was Published in the World Best Academic Journal

    5. 10 Clinical Studies & 12 Publications

    6. Multiple Applications and Registrations of Domestic and Overseas Patents


    Recommend to..

    - People who want to enhance cognitive function

    - Seniors who have concerns of memory loss

    - Students who want to improve leanring and memory





    BF-7 Fibroin Memory

    • Film Coated Tablet

    • Function : Brain health

    • Health Functional food

    • 4 tablet/day (Take 2 tablets twice daily)

    • 60 tablet/Bottle (Set)


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    8 FAMENITY Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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    • President


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      Imi-ro, 40,D1009, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Health Care Supplement,Other Health Care Products

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      “Research & Business Development of PrimeNutraceuticals and Cosmetics to improve Health and Beauty!”


      Famenity is a leading company that takes charge in“National R&BD Center for Nutraceuticals and Cosmetic with NaturalSubstances.” We have made various outstanding achievements, includingnutraceuticals named BF-7™(Brain factor-7), MR-10™, MS-10™, YES-10™, Toscare™,and Tamisense™. Recognized for our hard work and excellence, Famenity hasreceived the certifications and notifications from MFDS and US FDA as well asother national awards. As a company, we always devote ourselves to contributingto health and well-being. service. Above and beyond, Famenity makes a greateffort to be the best partner with the quality, science, and customer

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