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14 Shabath Co., Ltd.

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    South Korea South Korea

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    Non-slip mat that allows you to enjoy a safer life with a solid cushion feeling of PVC


    The tube is blocked, making the mat more robust and hygienic


    Can be used in various places such as entrance, swimming pool, veranda, corridor


    PVC Material Non-Slip MAT

    Cusion Effect

    Useful in various space such as Swimming pool, Pre school for kids etc.

    Made in Korea


    Brand: SCANDINA

    Designing & Coloring your Bathroom & Kitchen culture with verified 'SHABATH' products from Korea retail markets.

    Appeals to the Home organizations brand to the Customer with relaxing & restful feelings that can diffuse anxiety and helps customers stay calm and refreshed in daily life




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    14 Shabath Co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President


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      Cheongcheon-dong,415-7, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea

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      Other Bathroom

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    • Company introduction

      The Shabath Co.,Ltd was established on 07 MAR 1997 which consists of personel who lead new bathroom accessories. In 1999, we established the 2nd factory in the incheon export industry 4th complex pursuing rather human-friendly design than artificial processing as a special bathroom goods company, Shabath intends interior production of marked individuality and will lead 21c meeting customer needs on basis of function and design. The main products are PP,ACRYL cup,toothbrush holder,soap case,soap dispenser,toilet brush, and rubbish bin.

      Shabath Co., Ltd., being a specialized manufacturing and distributing company of daily supplies, established a customized marketing strategy between distribution buyers and consumers while using it for the company management with the practice of positive design and quality management of C.E.O., and is emerging as the leading company in the same field by maximizing the efficiency through the direct operation of product development, production, sales system while creating continuous sales growth since the establishment of company.

    • Factory Information
      • SHABATH
    • Main Product
      • Laundry Drying Rack Series

        Laundry Drying Rack Series

      • Vegetable cooker for microwave oven

        Vegetable cooker for microwave oven

      • Steam rice cooker for microwave oven

        Steam rice cooker for microwave oven

      • Egg fryer for microwave oven

        Egg fryer for microwave oven

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