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14 Air Box Co., Ltd.

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    World's First Smart Air Jumping Mat


    Air sensors that detect air pressure as an inflatable smart air jumping mat and dedicated AirPANG apps are linked to Bluetooth, enabling smart exercise experiences.


    Martial Arts Field/Youth Physical Education: Promoting height Growth and Balancing Sensibility Program

    Yoga/Dance Class: Used in Stretching, Jump Step Training

    Stretching: Right posture training, spinal correction


    Expectation of AIR PANG


    A safe product from noise complaint and injury issues on indoor running activities

    -Thousands of polyester fibers are inside the special drop stitch material to effectively disper noise and vibration


    Accelerate kid’s height growth and prevent child obesity, also excellent effectiveness on weight losing

    - Jumping sports using air mat, not only maximize the fat burning by aerobic and muscular exercise. Also stimulate the growth plate


    Easy sports solution for anyone from child to ederly people

    - Anyone can use it safely due to higher elasticity compare to general floor, and lower elasticity than trampoline


    Possible to manage systematic sport records via smart phone

    - Sensor is connected to your phone through Bluetooth for weekly and monthly record checking


    Combination of Game, play, and physical education





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    14 Air Box Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Byung-Joo Kim

    • Address

      687-5 Gojan-dong,2L 116B, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

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    • Company introduction

      Airbox is a manufacturing company that primarily produces inflatable products such as aqua, land leisure sports, air structures required for school, gym, fire station, and the military.


      With renowned technology and state of the arts manufacturing facilities, Airbox currently holds prominence throughout the Korean Market.


      Now, with meticulous market research and brand development, Airbox is rapidly expanding its business outreach throughout the world.




      Airbox has been crafting products for the consumers that exemplify quality, care, and value, constantly re-evaluating and re-innovating to fit the customer needs.


      Always prioritizing quality development and product improvement and working tirelessly to satisfy customers throughout the globe.

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        AirPANG Excergame

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