Zephyros Cordless Nail Dust Collector

Zephyros Nail Dust collector

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cordless, dust extractor, dust collect, dust vacuum
Nail Art , Nail Tools , Other Body & Nail
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South Korea South Korea / 2011
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Product name Zephyros Cordless Nail Dust Collector Certification CE
Category Nail Art
Nail Tools
Other Body & Nail
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Keyword cordless , dust extractor , dust collect , dust vacuum Unit Size 189.0 * 105.0 * 280.0 mm
Brand name - Unit Weigh 2 kg
origin South Korea Stock 50
Supply type ODM HS code 8543702020

Product Information

SM1811-MW(Cordless type)




A portable dust collector from Zephyros, powered by a Samsung battery!

Take the device anywhere with you and work on the move.



- 90 minutes to full charge

- Lasts over 3 hours at full speed caution, longer on lower speeds.

- Complies with SR13 guidelines with over 1.5 m/s down draught 

- Available in 3 colours

-UKCA registered device

-FCC registered device

-CE registered device



Meaning of Zephyros

It is a god in Greek mythology that governs the wind blowing from the west.

The Zephyros nail dust collector is the product, using world's first disposable filter for a single use.


1. It is hygienic.

2. Powerful suction power

3. There is no reverse flow phenomenon.

4. As disposable filter is used for a single use, initial absorption power is always maintained.

5. It is easy to use due to ergonomic design.

6. It is convenient to exchange based on out filter method.

7. It is possible to regulate the intensity of suction force.

8. It is light because it is made of aluminum.



▶ Zephyros

It is not a method to shake off the filter from existing dust collector and reuse it.

It is new concept nail dust collector, based on the world’s first disposable out filter method.

As the existing filter method is the way to shake off and reuse, large amount of dust occurs during shaking off.

Since Zephyros uses filter based on a single use concept, you don’t need to shake off the filter and filter is not blocked.

Thus, nail dust collection ability is not reduced. 


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Zephyros Cordless dust collector.pdf

Verified Certificate


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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
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Yun Kyunghee
Suite 803 Kolon Digital Tower Aston, Gasan Digital 1-ro, 212,, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Other Body & Nail
Year Established
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Company introduction


We are a company that manufactures nail dust collectors called SM.
The world's first dust collector to use a disposable filter.


A dust collector on the market has a disadvantage of shaking the filter and inhaling the dust when using it again.

However, our products use disposable filters to protect the lungs and health 

of users and customers without the need to dust and reuse them.


Zephyros -The god of thewest wind, the gentle breeze that drives the spring.


Nail Dust collector,the world's first health-minded disposable filter.


1.    Benefits

-      Hygienic : Disposable filters makepeople with allergies happy.

-      Powerful inhalation power

-      No backflow

-      Initial inhalation force.

-      Easy to Use ergonomic design.

-      Filter exchange is convenient

-      The intensity of suction power canbe adjusted.

-      Disposable filters are cheap.

-      It’s made of aluminum and light(1kg).

-      You can use it two or three timeswhen the amount of dust is small(Exception)


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Belgium Belgium

Chile Chile

Estonia Estonia

Italy Italy

Japan Japan

N.Zealand N.Zealand

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Taiwan Taiwan

U. Kingdom U. Kingdom


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