Portable Electrode ION water heater (WATER WARMER- SAILER70)

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    Product name Portable Electrode ION water heater (WATER WARMER- SAILER70) Certification -
    Keyword camping , eco friendly products , portable heater , water heater Unit Size 170.0 * 110.0 * 80.0 mm
    Brand name WATER WARMER Unit Weigh 800 g
    origin South Korea Stock 500
    Supply type Available HS code 8516100000
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    Now with WATERWARMER “SAILER70”, you can get warm and clean water within a couple of minutes.


    Water is essential while you’re camping.


    Many camping lovers want a portable quick water heater for camping and outdoor activities. Awesome Lab’s WATERWARMER “SAILER70” uses ELECTRODE ion heating technology with high efficiency of 98%. It heats water directly using water as a conductor, so that water can reach the temperature you want much faster than other products. Mini and portable. Easy to use for camping or everyday life.


    In addition, it provides strong sterilization and cleaning through the function of generating sterilizing water that hypochlorous acid water , so it has a very large utility value in the post-corona era(Covid-19) such as the present. It provides new experiences and values for camping and living to consumers who have felt uncomfortable in the past due to the lack of such kind of this product. 



    Reaches 60-70within just 2 mins (for 2L of water) / No need to wait for a while to gets hot water.

    Generates energy with high efficiency of 98%-99%, 1KW = 800Kcal

    Creates electrolyzed water that can kill bacteria and viruses more than90% including the coronavirus or MERS virus

    100% clean and eco-friendly energysources

    Long-term use without deterioration of thermal efficiency and performance

    No Burning. The heating never works without water.




      Washing with hot water 

      Keeping food warm

      Sous Vude Cuisine( Boil and heating cooking)

      Bathing the feet , relieving tired muscles in nature.

      Dish washing and clean up with sterilizing

    • Product name WATERWARMER / SAILER70

    • Battery Li-ion polymer (3.7V, 1000mah)

    • Product standard Main : 170x80x110(mm) / Adopter : 105x552x90(mm)

    • Certification R-R-AWc-SAL-70

    • Weight- 800g

    • Manufacturer AWESOME LAB Co., Ltd.

    • Material ABS(H.R), PC, TITANIUM

    • Made in South Korea

    • Power source - (INPUT)100-240V~50/60HZ, DC5V 1A / (OUTPUT)100-240V 3A, DC12V 1-2A

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    1 AWESOME LAB Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Dong Muk

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      Gwangmyeong-ro Jungwon-gu Seongnam-si Gyeonggi, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Vehicle Accessories,Camping

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    • Company introduction

      AWESOME LAB Co.,Ltd. is a lifestyle hardware SPA brand startup that manufactures lifestyle tech products based on eco-friendly + safety technology + design UX.

      In other words, we aim to develop and launch lifestyle products more than “1 product per year”


      In particular, our AWESOME LAB Co.,Ltd. is closely related to our daily life, but is it not easily recognized by consumers in terms of unawareness .

      So that we want to create essential products and services and provide them for it.


      Have you ever had an experience or thought like this? It is a product that is really necessary and essential, but because it is used so naturally, there are cases where the necessity is not well understood.

      As a result, of course, these products are neglected because consumers are not interested!! These products and services are not very profitable, but they are essential in our lives, someone must develop and provide them. This is the biggest reason we started our business.

      Through the development of products and services that are necessary but not easily recognized, we want to become a company that helps consumers in a small way.


      AWESOME LAS`s Eco-friendly IOT portable WATERWARMER is a product that reflects consumer needs

      for hot and clean water, which is essential for activities such as “camping”, outdoor, car park, and fishing, which is a big cultural trend in the Corona(Covid19) era, and can heat water faster and safely than any other product. It is a portable product that can be used in various events.


      The first mass-produced portable water heating device using electrode-ION heating technology


      • Reaches 60-70℃ within just 2 mins (for 2L of water)

      • Creates 1KW = 800Kcal↑

      • Electrolyzed water that can kill bacteria and viruses more than 90% including the coronavirus or MERS virus

      • 100% clean and eco-friendly energy sources

      • No Burning. The heating never works without water.

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      • Australia Australia
      • Canada Canada
      • India India
      • Japan Japan
      • Russia Russia
      • U.S.A U.S.A
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      • Portable Electrode ION water heater _WATER WARMER_ SAILER70_

        Portable Electrode ION water heater (WATER WARMER- SAILER70)

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