Portable Purifier (ChungCheong K-VENTURE Fair_Republic of Korea)

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carbon filter, purifier, uf filter,
Water Dispensers & Purifiers

8 VITDAM Co., Ltd.

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    Product name Portable Purifier (ChungCheong K-VENTURE Fair_Republic of Korea) Certification -
    Category Water Dispensers & Purifiers Material CARBON FILTER,NYLON,PE,PP,UF FILTER,POLY SULFONE
    Keyword carbon filter , purifier , uf filter Unit Size 13.0 * 26.0 * cm
    Brand name VITDAM Unit Weigh 0 mg
    origin South Korea Stock 20000
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    Function : First, the polluted water filters out impurities such as E. coli and bacteria in the water through the UF filter, and the carbon filter secondly filters out chlorine and disinfection odors so you can drink clean water.


    ▶How to use :

      1. Pour contaminated water into a water bottle and drink through the filter.

      2. Press the water in the water bottle and drink from the cup.

      3. Put the filter directly into the contaminated water and drink.


    Material : PE,NYLON,PP,CARBON FILTER, UF FILTER.Poly Sulfone


    Size : 13cm × 26cm


    Features : It is easy to carry and light, so it can be used anytime, anywhere, such as travel, camping, disasters, disasters, etc.


    ▶Advantages : Do not connect to the water supply, but filter foreign substances by holding or inserting water that requires water purification. It can be used for camping, backpacking, hiking, etc.



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    8 VITDAM Co., Ltd.

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      <p>The Vitdam folding water bottle is a portable water bottle that can be folded after use to make it easy to carry. It is an eco-friendly product that does not produce environmental hormones even when boiled or frozen.
      Separate from the lid, easy to clean and semi-permanent use.
      It can be used as an ice pack in summer and as a hot pack in winter. 


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