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BT9 Eel Powder
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eel, immunity enhancer, skin beauty, heatlh,
Other Foods , Health Care Supplement

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    South Korea South Korea

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    • KITA
    Product name Eel Powder Certification -
    Category Other Foods
    Health Care Supplement
    Keyword eel , immunity enhancer , skin beauty , heatlh Unit Size 4.8 * 4.8 * 8.8 cm
    Brand name BT9 Eel Powder Unit Weigh 180 g
    origin South Korea Stock 300
    Supply type OBM HS code 1604209000
    Product Information



    Do you know that eel is good ? 

    High-protein eel nutrients as it is ~, Now, take care of your health easily with the powder !





    This is eel powder, made by extracting sea eels of Tongyeong, South Korea with the know-how of extracting eels and sterilizing/drying them with near-infrared rays. 

    For cooking porridge, fried rice, seafood stew, ramen etc., add 1.5~2g of teaspoon at the final step, or eat it with a teaspoon with warm water. It maintains good nutrients of eel to keep original component.




    [ Characteristics ] 


    1. Eel powder of BT9 uses only domestic eel, caught on fishing boats from Tongyeong, South Korea and does not contain any additives.

    2. It is extracted based on patented eel extract producing know-how.

    3. Warehousing of sea eels, handling, extracting and near-infrared drying are fully conducted in one spot.

    4. Nutritional ingredients of high portein are dried with a near-infrared dryer.

       It sterilizes and dries evenly the interior with sunlight near-infrared rays as well as circulating wind.





    Size : 4.8 x 4.8 x 8.8cm

    Net weight : 45 g, Gross Weight : 179 g

    HS No.: 1604.20-9000

    Box/ctn : 8ea

    Package Material : Glass, Tin(lid)

    Raw materials : Extracted processed foods ( eel extract, South Korea product ) 100%

    Storage method : Store in a cool place, avoiding moisture and direct sunlight and keep in refrigerator after opening.






    [ How to use ] 


    The powder can be used as a raw meterial or it can be used as powder itself. 

    Take 1.5g of eel powder with warm water once or twice a day after meals.


    After cooking soup, porridge, fried rice or remen etc., add 2g of eel powder per serving. then, mix together and take care of your health ! 

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    3 BT9

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      South Korea South Korea
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      won sook, Lee

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      21-2 Saenae 2-gil Jochiwon-eup Sejong, Sejong-si, Korea

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      Other Foods,Health Care Supplement

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       Having been selling the patented eel extract, we thought it would be great if we could introduce more people in need around the world to an easier and more convenient product and developed gummy jelly.

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      • Eel Powder

        Eel Powder

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        Vitality Booster pills for Men, Mantopia

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