12Ah LiFePO4 Battery for a Dashcam

An auxiliary battery that supplies power to a dashcam of a parked vehicle.

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South Korea South Korea / 1994
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Product name 12Ah LiFePO4 Battery for a Dashcam Certification -
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Product Information

Powerful K-Battery for a Dashcam(DOUBLEDOG G12)
A wise choice for your precious day
The DOUBLEDOG G12 is a vehicle auxiliary battery that provides power to the dash cam when parked to prevent the vehicle from discharging the battery. This product uses LiFePO4(lithium iron phosphate) batteries with low risk of fire or explosion, and provides enhanced safety with the 2nd generation Intelligence Battery Management System. In addition, batteries can be connected in parallel with expansion ports to more than double the maximum usage time.
-Battery fast charging completed in 90 minutes.
-Quadruple safeguards to prevent battery accidents.
-Check battery status in real time.
-More than 2000 charge/discharge cycles are possible.
-Multiple connections possible using extended ports.

DOUBLEDOG G12Advantages
Battery typeLiFePO4(Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery)Perfect compatibility with all vehicles.
Capacity12.8V 12,000mAh 153WhCheck the battery status in real time with the display.
Maximum Use Time
Up to 43 Hours(At 3.5W)
Up to 38 Hours(At 4.0W)
Up to 33 Hours(At 4.5W)
Battery Protection by Quadruple Safeguards.

(Dual temperature defense system, overcharge & overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, cell balancing)

Input12~18V/12A MaxThe DOUBLEDOG G12 with a smart battery management system.
Output11~14.2V/24A Max(SUB 8A Max)Support for fast charging of battery.
Charging Voltage/current14.2V/8A MaxOptimal heat dissipation design.
Charging Time90 minutesExcellent safety battery.





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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1994
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Sung Yong Chang
212, Wanjusandan 6-ro,Bongdong-eup, Wanju_Gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Alternative Energy Generators
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Company introduction

GAONCELL Co., Ltd. (former PRO-POWER Co., Ltd.), which was founded in 1994, specializes in battery producing battery packs applications of lithium secondary batteries. We are researching and developing various battery packs from mobile devices such as cell phones, MP3 Players, PDA, Blue Tooth to electric bicycles, electric scooters and NEV cars.

To keep up with a newly emerging industry, renewable energy industry and with the expanding market of energy storage system, we developed the energy storage system EnerglooTM with a highly sophisticated BMS technology designed by GAONCELL to meet the various needs of customers. 

The energy storage system EnerglooTM uses a lithium battery with high energy density making up for its previous defects in terms of lighter weight, less space, faster charge time, more power capacity, low maintenance and longer life cycles. EnerglooTM can secure users safety from causing any kind of accidents by BMS functions which are mainly related to cell balancing, controlling voltage, current and temperature, charge/discharge control and communication to PC.

The vehicle auxiliary battery DOUBLEDOG is a 6Ah and 12Ah product using lithium iron phosphate and a 40Ah product using lithium ions, which is slimmer and lighter than before. DOUBLEDOG prevents accidents by charging fast, checking real-time status, expanding battery capacity through parallel connections, and installing a quadruple safety structure and smart BMS. And 40Ah products can be used as a portable battery for external activities such as camping and fishing by installing additional sockets.

GAONCELL research center has succeed in developing Hybrid scooter integrating DMFC(800W) with the lithium battery (1.6kWh) for the second time in the world. And currently, we have developed to a hybrid generator PROM-GenTM that combines a DMFC(1.5kW) and a lithium battery (3.6 kWh or 7.2kWh). We expect that environmental pollution will be reduced more to half if hybrid scooter replaces existing scooters which have been mainly responsible for the current pollution. Besides we are researching and developing BMS, fuel cells, secondary battery & fuel cell Hybrid System, BoP(Balance of Plant) Control System.

We try to be an initiative company for the better tomorrow by developing the responsive energy storage system and by producing not only high efficient but also environmentally friendly products for the advent of hydrogen fuel cell Area.

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