Repair Tape, Clear Repair Tape, Greenhouse Repair Tape,Heat Resistance, UV Blocking, Waterproofing

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clear tape, repair tape, greenhouse repair tape, strong adhesive tape,
Packing Sealing Adhesive Tapes

8 Magicgreen

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    • 100% long-enduring polyethylene Film used : We used long-enduring polyethylene Film, one of the highest quality material, to significantly enhance the product elasticity, life and quality.


    • Resistant to temperature change : Waterproof RV Awning Tape that can withstand extreme outdoor conditions and temperatures of –22°F to +104°F. Ideal rip stop patch on RV awning , canopy , tent , tarp and greenhouse.



    • Highest elasticity : Along with bonding adhesive and quality of film, elasticity is one of the essential qualities that vinyl greenhouse must have as they have to be sturdy and robust against external impact. Tortuga Tapes are extremely elastic to endure strong winds.



    • Waterproof & Weather Resistant : Tortuga Tape has a waterproof function, so there is no problem even if it rains, and it lasts for a long time due to its waterproof function even during heavy snowfall in winter. And It has UV protection, so it can withstand strong sunlight and last long in the summer.



    • Clear&Repairs a variety of materials : Tortuga tape is highly versatile as it can be used on a variety of materials. Our tarp and awning repair tape adheres to Tarpaulin, Vinyl, Leather and is clear so it blends into the material it is being used to repair. This tape works great as awning repair tape, Greenhouse Repair Tape, Awning repair tape, Vinyl house tape, Tent repair tape, Sail repair tape, Leather repair tape, Patio umbrella repair, RV roof repair tape, Duct tape, Adhesive tape and more.



    • Made in KOREA : Reliable high quality and outstanding specification.



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    8 Magicgreen

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Haeyoung Seo

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      26-12 Bogyoungbuk-ro 33beon-gil, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

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      Catalyst & Chemical Auxiliaries

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      Magic Green Co., Ltd was first established as Byeongju Construction & Trading in 1983. 


      In the early 1980s, Magic Green started selling and distributing binders to farmers for the first time in Korea with aims to help those farmers who grew crops such as grape and peppers which were growing at a rapid rate. 

      During the same period, we developed tapes for vinyl greenhouses for maintenance so that we can help farmers save laver costs which were rising rapidly due to inadequate maintenance technology and labor shortage resulting from urbanization and population aging. 


      Strarting from 2012, we have worked on developing ET101 Smart Tiener, a new kind binder using electricity and heat that would replace the conventional binders. 


      With these new innovation products, we aim to advance into the global ecofriendly market and have applied for patents in six countiries including the U.S., Europe, Japan and China. Magic Green will conitnue to focus to on developing a variety of new innovative products that can help farmers under the slogan "Help Farmers, Protect the Environment".


      We vow to continue our R&D efforts to meet the demands of our farmers.

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      • Magicbinder


      • Tape for Magicbinder

        Tape for Magicbinder

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        Staples for Magicbinder

      • Repair Tape for Greenhouse

        Repair Tape for Greenhouse

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