LED Infrared Smart Scalp Dryer ( Purism Zero)

Scalp management and hair drying using LED infrared rays, Smart Temperature Control (LCD), and 50% reduction in power consumption

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South Korea
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hair, hair loss, scalp, hair drayr
Hair Dryer
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South Korea South Korea / 2017
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Product name LED Infrared Smart Scalp Dryer ( Purism Zero) Certification CE
Category Hair Dryer Ingredients PP
Keyword hair , hair loss , scalp , hair drayr Unit Size -
Brand name PURISM Unit Weigh 435 g
origin South Korea Stock 10000
Supply type ODM,OEM HS code 8516310000

Product Information




Every morning, a hectic rush hour for work.
If you want to shorten the time to dry your hair!



Time to dry our precious children's hair.
For those who are reluctant to use the dryer because of the hot wind, electromagnetic waves, fine dust, and radon!



Worrying about hair loss today.
For those who lose strength in their hair and get thinner!



Moist and itchy scalp care.
For those who feel burdened with expensive scalp care and want to take care of it easily at home!




I'll show you now.



Avoid fire hazards



General finish and interior materials for its high temperature heat coil heater is used in a hair dryer heat conduction dryer to its durability and to produce a hazardous materials and the risk of fire.Ceramic heater to the new heater is safe from fire and noxious substances.


Electromagnetic Lowest Challenge

Do you know that? The hairdryer generates electromagnetic waves higher than the microwave. Is the hair dryer that my family uses safe like this?

Pureism Zero has been developed as a healthy dryer for the whole family by reducing electromagnetic radiation with ceramic heaters and electromagnetic wave blocking technology.


Prevention of fine dust

Can you see? The more you use a normal coil heater, the more fine solid particle dust and mica powder are produced by crushing solid materials. Wouldn't the body inhale the dust from solid particles in the hair dryer used near the respiratory system?




Company Product Wind Comparison Test


The wind has to be strong no matter what? Wind speed... It's not good just because the wind is fast. The amount of wind coming out of the outlet is important. Faster wind speeds with more air volume than faster wind speeds with less air volume can cause less damage to the scalp and hair and dryness with softer, more abundant winds.




Scalp care (Low Level Layser Care)



You only dry your scalp and hair with a scalp dryer?
Pureism Zero is basic for scalp and hair drying, and now you can do scalp care with 840 nano near infrared rays. Do you look for scalp care products? Do you use it when you remember? The most important thing is to use it every day. Now, take care of your scalp every day with Pureism Zero




Smart controller (temperature, wind)



Enjoy 3 levels of wind control, 4 levels of temperature control, and scalp care mode with one hand!



scalp care round brush



The round brush is nozzle detachable and can dry and care for the scalp at once through wind penetrating between the hairs and 660 nano infrared rays.




Electricity consumption reduced by 50% compared to traditional products with 850w



Anyone can use a hair dryer! It's a product that I use every day. I think high power consumption products that many people misunderstand are strong against the wind in the hair dryer. However, the motor that generates wind has less power.
Coil heaters account for the most power in the hair dryer, and Pureism Zero reduces power consumption by 50% with ceramic heaters, thus achieving both function and cost.

Model name: SB-850W (SB-850B/SB-850P)

Rated voltage: AC 100 to 110 V / 50 Hz to 60 Hz

Power consumption: 850 W

Size: 220×230×90

Weight: 435 g

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Verified Certificate


B2B Trade

Price (FOB) 62.0 USD transportation Ocean Shipping
MOQ 300 Leadtime 30 Day
Payment Options T/T Shipping time 15 Day


Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2017
Business type



48 Jungsimsangeop 2-ro Ochang-eup Cheongwon-gu Cheongju-si Chungbuk,T-Factoey #104, Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
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Hair Curler & Roller,Hair Dryer,Hair Straightener
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