Height adjustable desk (PLAN TM Series)

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Height adjustable desk (PLAN TM Series)
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9 PLANMAX Co., Ltd.

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    Ergonomic design PLAN TM Series for a powerful Dual motor!


    Height adjustments according to various work types enable you to stay healthy and stay focused.

    It provides a wide range of utilization to special facilities as well as users of different ages.


    Dual-motor, three-stage column which is the best specifications ever.

    All the powerful features you can think of are gathered in this desk. It is the best choice when you are considering buying a standing desk.


    The dual-motor and three-stage design not only increase the running speed, but also enable to load more weight. Even at the highest level, the standing desk is still quite stable. That's why we see in the product parameters that it runs at a speed of up to 38mm/s. At the same time, its sound level is less than 50 decibels, which means that when you adjust the height, it will not disturb other people's work. The greater lifting range also means that people of all heights can use the desk.

    Multiple Sizes, Multiple Colors 


    It provides multiple desktop choice for you.


    The natural looking provides feelings of soothing and organic. Moreover, it has both the features of strength and durability, which means it can be used for many years. As a sustainable resource, it is more beneficial to the environment than other raw materials.

    Laminate desktops may seem like a cheaper alternative to natural wood. But they are not necessarily good for the aesthetics andenvironment of your office, considering that pressed materials wear out over time, and laminated surfaces can in some cases peel or blister with minimal exposure to water.


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    9 PLANMAX Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Sang Young, Lee

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      50, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

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      Office Furniture,Office Chairs,Office Desks,Office Partitions

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      Welcome to PLANMAX!


      We are based on office furniture manufacturing and we have been providing a worthy service to all of the World.


      Advanced office concept takes into account the heath of ergonomic design as well as utilizing space efficiently. It brings to improve the work environment and to enhance work efficient.


      We think together with customers and provide total solutions of office including space design, proposal, installation and also customer service.


      We will never stop keeping devoting to meet various needs from the World to the World. PLANMAX will make it real.


      Thanks for your visiting!

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