Hojeongga Sticky Rice Deep-fried Honey Cookies 1kg(Yakgwa)

HOJEONGGA's High-Quality Korean Traditional Confectionary (Hangwa) Gift Set - Made with the finest ingredients by our food master with its high-qualit

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South Korea
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yakgwa, korean traditional confectionery, hangwa set, hojeongga
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Hojeong Food Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1990
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Verified Certificate



Product name Hojeongga Sticky Rice Deep-fried Honey Cookies 1kg(Yakgwa) Certification HACCP
Category Confectionery Ingredients -
Keyword yakgwa , korean traditional confectionery , hangwa set , hojeongga Unit Size -
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origin South Korea Stock 99999
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Please store in a low-humidity, low temperature location away from direct sunlight, and consume as soon as possible after opening.


Made in
Republic of Korea


Expiration date
6 months from the manufacturing date


Product Composition

Glutinous Rice Yugwa 1kg

Product Features

Affordable and Useful Gift Set - Sticky Rice Deep-fried Honey Cookies 1kg(Yakgwa)

Nutrition Facts / Food Allergens

Item NameNet ContentsCaloriesNaCarbsSugarsFatTrans FatSaturated FatCholesterolProteinAllergens
wheat, soybean
* Standards of Nutritional Facts : Per Total Content
* The % DVs on the nutrition facts label is based on 2,000kcal, so it may be different according to individual calorie needs.


Hojeong Food Co., Ltd._ The enterprise that leads the future of well-being food culture

Hojeong Food is the enterprise of producing, distributing, and selling clean and safe Korean food such as Hangwa, the Korean traditional sweets and cookies, rice taffy, grain syrup, nut products, and more.

Hojeong Food was founded in 1990 and has been proudly producing various traditional foods, such as Changpyeong Hangwa, Changpyeong rice taffy, rice and grain syrups, and more, in an excellent quality with over 30 years of the production based on the traditional techniques transferred to the third generation. The enterprise produces and distributes Hojeongga nuts with their natural nutrition as well.

We believe our clean and nutritious Korean traditional food with natural ingredients should be the new leading food in the well-being food culture. Hojeong Food will initiate the future for Korean traditional food with constant research development, constructing the industry-leading hygienic automation equipment, and also will lead the healthy food culture of modern people.



Changpyeong Hangwa_ Korean Traditional Confectionery

Changpyeong Hangwa is the pure, natural, and luxurious Korean traditional hangwa made by the delicate touch of a nationally recognized food master. Hangwa is our Korean traditional snack that originally made by the idea of old virtuous Korean ancestors for thousand years of its history. Changpyeong hangwa, made with 100% pure vegetable natural products, gifts nature’s elegant energy.






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Hojeong Food Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1990
Business type



Yoo Yeonggun
Geumseong-myeon, Wonyul-gil,12, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea
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Year Established
Company introduction

Hojeong Food Co., Ltd. Is a leading company that manufactures, distributes and sells Korean food, Korean food, such as Hangwa(Korean traditional confectionery), Yeot(Korean traditional rice taffy) and nuts, cleanly and safely. Hojeongga is a trustworthy company that makes the best traditional food by adding carefully-selected raw materials and careful craftsmanship to the manufacturing secrets accumulated in the family for many years. Based on the secret of manufacturing the old tradition that has been passed down to three generations during the 30 years of business from the establishment since 1990 to the present, we produce and distribute various traditional foods such as Changpyeong Hangwa(Korean traditional confectionery), Changpyeong Yeot(Korean traditional rice taffy), Jocheong(Korean traditional grain syrup) and Hojeongga Nuts. In particular, Changpyeong Hangwa and Changpyeong Yeot, which are made by hand, are a high quality authentic Korean liquor added to flavour and can meet at domestic famous department stores and large discount stores nationwide. In addition, we have been recognized as a leader in the industry by various certifications and designations including designated excellent cultural products by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, a certification of traditional food quality by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Selected as a New Intellectual of Korea, the 21st Korean food master.

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