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dried sargassum seaweed, sargassaceae, sargassum powder, sargassum seaweed
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Product name DRIED SARGASSUM SEAWEED Certification -
Category Seaweed Ingredients DRIED SARGASSUM SEAWEED
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Product Information

Sargassum seaweed or apricot vegetable, seaweed, sea algae is the name of the algae living in the sea, all belonging to the family Sargassaceae. This is a popular nutritious food of the coastal people, and is also a medicine. It is used to treat goiter, edema and has a diuretic effect. Let's find out more about the uses, usage and things to know about Sargassum in the following article.

1. Description

The scientific name of the seaweed is Sargassum or Herba Sargassi. This is a whole plant, washed and dried, of many different species of seaweed such as Sangassum fusiforme (Harv). Setch., Sargassum pallidum (Turn. C. Ag.) or a species of algae Sargassum sp. Others belong to the family Sargassaceae.

Apricots are composed of young branching fibers like brown "stems". It bears thin and flattened young "leaf" parts, the size of which varies from species to species. Sargassum fusiforme is 7-40cm long, Sargassum pallidum species is 30-100cm long, the "body" diameter of S. fusiforme is only 1-4mm, while that of S. pallidum species is 2cm.

“Leaf” is sometimes cylindrical 3.5 – 7cm long (S. fusiforme) or both fibrous and lamellar (S. pallidum) up to 25cm long, 2 – 2.5cm wide; rough serrated edges, black spots on face.

Scattered throughout the algae there are parts shaped like "fruit". In fact, they are just "floats" inside filled with air, which help the algae to stand upright in seawater. Floats are large and small depending on the species. Some species are as small as a grain of rice, others as big as a pepper. Sometimes it is rhombic (Yang can pale) at the tip of the "stem", sometimes in the axillary "leaf" and globose (S. pallidum). There are also black dots on the outside of the float.

2. Distribution and collection

Apricot seaweed grows wild all over the coast of our country, often growing on the coastal reefs. It is most common in Vinh Linh (Quang Tri), Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Thanh Hoa, Ninh Binh, Thai Binh, and Quang Ninh. Sometimes apricots grow in strips up to tens of kilometers long and 2-3 kilometers wide. They also grow on the coasts of many other countries.

In our country alone, it is possible to harvest 400-500 tons of apricots every year. Harvest season from March to September. Bring back to wash sandy soil, wash off salt, dry or dry.

3. Chemical composition

In studies, scientists have also shown that apricots give acacia aginat - a very precious glue in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. This special glue is often used to make covers for pills, has been studied to make artificial serum, make sutures, antiseptic plastic cloth, hemostatic drugs...

According to Professor Do Tat Loi's book, in apricots there are from 10% to 15% inorganic salts (including a lot of iodine 0.3% to 0.8%, arsenic, potassium), 1-2% lipids, 4-5% protein and lots of algin or alginic acid.

4. Pharmacological effects

Apricots significantly increase iron absorption in corn or wheat-based meals. The high polyphenol content found in apricots may partly explain the strong antioxidant effects of this species.

Several articles have highlighted the potential effects of marine products such as Seaweed in anticancer activity. The study attempted to screen for the anticancer effect of apricots, against selected cell lines such as MCF-7 (breast cancer) and Hep-2 (liver cancer). This study has shown that apricots have certain effects, but further studies are still needed.

5. Uses and dosages

Apricot seaweed is often used as a daily rustic dish of the coastal people. Long ago, apricots were used in traditional medicine with the name Hai algae. Seaweed has the effect of sputum, softening solids, diuretic.

Treatment: goiter, edema. Nowadays, it is widely used as medicine to treat goiter.

6. Remedy of experience

6.1. Goiter treatment

Dried apricots crushed into iotamine tablets containing 50-70 micrograms of iodine.

6.2. Treatment of prostate enlargement causing urinary retention in the elderly

Apricot seaweed, Con An, Xuyen Son armor, 10g each. Le chi nodes, Quat nodes, Vuong not circulating, each 15g. Color of drinking water.

6.3. Treatment of benign thyroid nodules

Apricot seaweed 15g, Announcement 15g, Hai Phu Thach 30g, Honeysuckle 15g, Water lily flower 15g, Winter past the skin 30g. Color of drinking water 1 month.

7. Taboo

People who are prone to stomach upset, loose stools, cold stomach, indigestion should not use.

Do not use with Licorice.

In short, apricot seaweed is a type of seaweed that has the effect of treating goiter and edema. In addition, it has strong antioxidant effects, helps increase iron absorption and may have anti-cancer effects. The information in this article is for reference only. If you want to use the drug, you need to consult your doctor.


Product name: Dried sargassum seaweed 

Instruction for use:  This is raw material for nimal feed, fertilizer or customer' use

Admixture (%): 0.1% max

Moisture (%): 18 % max

Grade: feed grade

Packing: 25 KGs/ PP Bag or 50 KGs/ PP Bag

Loading capacity: 22-24 tons/ 40GP


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