Korea Public Procurement Service registered solar LED waterproof dustproof road sign stud

Solar LED road sign stud/ 113x96x12mm/ Anti-condensation/ Waterproof/ Dustproof/ First Magnetic Operation Switch Application

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South Korea
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DOOHYUN POWER Technology solar LED waterproof dustproof road sign stud
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solar road lights, solar energy system, solar road safe signal, traffic safety light
Solar Energy Products , Other LED Lighting , Solar Light , Road Stud , Traffic Light
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Jul 18, 2024
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South Korea South Korea / 2003
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Trading Company
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Product name Korea Public Procurement Service registered solar LED waterproof dustproof road sign stud Certification -
Category Solar Energy Products
Other LED Lighting
Solar Light
Road Stud
Traffic Light
Keyword solar road lights , solar energy system , solar road safe signal , traffic safety light Unit Size -
Brand name DOOHYUN POWER Technology solar LED waterproof dustproof road sign stud Unit Weigh 0 mg
origin South Korea Stock 9999
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Product Information

* The second main export item *









The best benefits of Doohyun Power Technology products



1. Obtain driver's view
LED lights are designed in a 45-degree direction rather than the driver's direction, and high-brightness light projection through optical lenses secures the driver's field of view to maximize the effect of preventing traffic accidents



2. APrevention of condensation failure
100% molding treatment technology is applied to prevent condensation after assembly of parts, and the inner space is filled with epoxy to prevent condensation as well as waterproof and dustproof functions, and patents are obtained



3. Minimize road damage

Our product minimizes road damage by applying hardener epoxy to the ground installed as a protruding product and attaching high-tensile anchor M6 to four locations after product seating



4. Resolving malfunctions caused by dust

In general, the protrusion type is less likely to accumulate dust on the top of the product than the buried type, but our product is designed to completely solve the problem by curved the top of the solar cell that absorbs sunlight to prevent dust or foreign substances from entering.

Pollutants are reflected in the design so that they can be washed away by wind or rainwater to solve the dust problem.



5. Strong against external shocks

High-density PC (polycarbonate) is applied as a case material that affects the significant strength of the product, 

and the thickness of the case is designed to be more than 3 mm to withstand external impact



6. Ease of installation

Our product is a protruding product, and the height of the existing central line road sign is 29mm, which is less than that13.5mm, which is very low so that it does not decompose. As a result, the installation cost is low, the construction time is short, and it is easy to maintain.

It costs less to collect and can be easily constructed by anyone with a hand drill



7. a variety of uses

It can be used as a vehicle reflection sign by inserting various warning signs and logos into a high-strength stainless steel sheet or attaching a reflective film


8. Safety
Low-cost lithium-ion batteries are used for similar products, but our products use lithium polymer batteries with excellent safety because they do not contain heavy metals such as mercury or cadmium and have no risk of leakage or explosion of electrolytes


9. brightness
In general, the size of solar panels cannot be used as much due to the product structure, so a small panel of 0.2~0.3W is installed, so the brightness is dark because it is made enough to charge a minimum amount


10. No fault when discharged
A magnetic operation switch was applied to the floor lamp for the first time to fundamentally block the LED from turning on even when the battery is discharged and arrives at the installation site




DOOHYUN POWER Technology is:


The current world will bring about a rapid change from secondary batteries to the era of supercapacitors in the future as the material industry advances along with new energy storage technologies, and it is certain that the best way to protect the Earth's environment is the energy storage device of the "supercapacitor.

"Starting with the development of secondary batteries for about 10 years, DOOHYUN POWER Technology developed Super Capacitor, an eco-friendly energy storage technology that is essential for human eco-friendly life safe from explosions and fires. 

It succeeded in commercializing various prototypes equipped with protective circuits and is preparing mass production to supply them under contracts with Korea and foreign countries.

Energy has been constantly changing from fossil to petroleum, nuclear power, solar power, and wind power, and now focuses on eco-friendly electrical energy and hopes to supply many products not only in Korea but also abroad with the energy storage device of the "super capacitor" we developed.







capacitor? ~


Ultracapacitors are highly efficient devices.


Since the Coulomb efficiency (dividing the total amount of charge discharged by the total amount of charge added to fill the amount of charge discharged) exceeds 99% even at high currents, there is little charge lost when charging and discharging the ultracapacitor.

In addition, Round-Trip Efficiency (RTE) is also very high thanks to low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR).

Within 5 seconds, RTÉ exceeds 70%. Within 10 seconds, RTÉ exceeds 80%.

This not only makes more efficient use of energy, but also prevents overheating.

Therefore, there is a high possibility that the overhead of cooling the energy storage device will be reduced.

Discharge to 1/2 voltage in 5 seconds and charge at the same rate until the ultracapacitor is fully charged.


※ The main raw material used for capacitors uses activated carbon called graphene.

By using activated carbon, it is very eco-friendly, has a very long life, and can charge and discharge from tens of thousands to millions.




Supercapacitor? ~


Understanding supercapacitors:

A typical secondary battery uses an electrochemical reaction.However, a super capacitor is an energy storage device that can adjust fast charging and discharging time without risk of explosion fire using a method of physically storing electric charges themselves and obtain long life and high energy density.


supercapacitor principle

The principle of supercapacitor is the principle of charging or discharging energy by physical adsorption or desorption of electric charges on the surface of activated carbon, which refers to a high-power power source that instantly stores a lot of energy and then supplies a high current instantaneously or continuously.

The super capacitor uses activated carbon (~3000 m2/g) with an increased specific surface area per unit weight as an electrode material, resulting in a dramatic increase in capacity.



Development & Patents ~



6 patent registrations

3 design registration cases

four patent applications


Other categories

2020. 04. U.S. patent registration for ultra-fast charging system
2020. 09. Uninterruptible Power Control System Patent Registration
                Patent registration of a photovoltaic lamp controller using a capacitor
                Patent registration of uninterruptible power control system with capacitors
2020. 12. Patent registration of uninterruptible power control circuit with capacitor



- Capacitor charging system CCS

- Development of a Capacitor Module for Solar Streetlamps

- Development of Remote Controller for Capacitor Solar Streetlamps

- Developing Capacitor Chargers and Power Packs for AGV Robots

- Automotive Automotive Start Capacitor Bank Manufacturing

- Development of Solar Streetlight Moving Sense

- DC/DC of emergency lights using capacitors

- converter development

- Development of a Super-Speed Capacitor Charging Device

- Development of a communication capacitor power pack and device








We will constantly study based on our experiences through numerous failures.

The trend of renewable energy continues to evolve.
From fossil to petroleum to nuclear power and renewable wind power, energy has been constantly changing. Large-scale, more power is being built, and the production capacity of electrical energy is becoming a measure of a country's status.

With the goal of meeting the needs of the times, we are constantly researching ways to store energy and developing more advanced energy storage technologies based on our experience with numerous failures.

The smartest way to store energy is through supercapacitors, and we will produce a variety of energy storage devices using them.
Energy storage devices that are faster, have a longer lifespan, but also consider the health of the Earth's environment will become supercapacitors.

With the development of the materials industry along with the new energy storage technology we have, we believe that the best way to protect the Earth's environment is to store energy in supercapacitors, which will bring about a drastic change from secondary batteries to the era of supercapacitors.

If you want more information, we would appreciate it, and we will provide you as much as we can.
Would you be a global partner to be with our vision in many ways?

Thank you.

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2003
Recent Visit
Jul 18, 2024
Business type
Trading Company



71, Jojeong-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Health Care Supplement,Other Body Care Products,Other Constructions,Other School & Education Supplies,Solar Light
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Company introduction

UHK SYSTEM  is a trading company with aspirations to introduce and distribute the best specialties related to Korea's eco-friendly, social trends and cultural issues to the world.


1. Global and new idea products
2. Products that prioritize safety and health
3. Best high-tech products

star Major Products


1. Solid Precast Concrete prefabricated structure-SMART PC method

    Construction of Reinforced Concrete Wall Module Factory and Rapid Accurate Construction/

    Precast Concrete Explosion pressure reduction shock wave dispersion barrier function

2. Korean Government Procurement Products- Interactive Whiteboard

3. Candida bacteria 99.99% sterilized female cleanser certified as cosmetic

4. Korea Public Procurement Service registered solar LED waterproof dustproof road sign stud

5. Long life with capacitor charging 100% fully independent high efficiency capacitor solar streetlight




* UHK SYSTEM will continue to upgrade our wonderful products.



 We will always strive to become a global company that values customer stability, eco-friendliness, and future vision.



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Ukraine Ukraine

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