Lithium battery 128kWh Lifepo4 Battery pack 280Ah with BMS for Solar Energy Storage System

Lithium battery 128kWh Lifepo4 Battery pack 280Ah with BMS for Solar Energy Storage System

BMS adopts NXP(USA) automotive-grade high-performance chips, with strong anti-interference, good reliability and wide temperature range

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Zhejiang Sandi Electric Co., Ltd

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China China / 2008
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Product Information

ESS lithium battery system is composed of lithium battery modules, BMS system, PV charge controller, AC/DC Charger, central control unit CCU, temperature detector, integrated structure and other parts; the solar panels in the system are battery storage and power for output; BMS module completes the detection and control of voltage, current, temperature, SOC, SOH and charging and discharging related parameters of power battery pack; PV controller and inverter realize bidirectional AC/DC function to meet the charging and discharging conversion demand of power battery pack; each detector is used to monitor the ambient temperature in real time to ensure the safety of the system.

1. Standardized components, modular architecture, easy for expansion
2. High energy density, small footprint, short construction period, strong environmental adaptability
3. Battery module within the layered stack design, with more than 10 years of long design life 4. Long Cycle Life LiFePO4 Lithium ion Battery system from 20KWH—500KWH optional
5. The use of international advanced Mitsubishi IPM module and intelligent power module, with high power fast adjustment capability
6. BMS battery management system with SOC automatic calibration and high current active balance function, combined with the perfect operation control and management strategies to achieve accurate and efficient management
7. The combination of software and hardware protection, with alarm protection and automatic diagnostic functions, improve the protection strategy to ensure safe and efficient operation of the system
8. Product communicates with the monitoring platform in real time through RS232, CAN communication interface, and reports various records in time to ensure real-time monitoring of the battery pack of the monitoring platform
9. PV charge controller adopts three charging stages (buck charging, equalize charging and float charging) which can maximize the utilization of PV modules and batteries
10. Colorful LCD display all module working information and status
Performance characteristics:
Small size and light weight, Maintenance-free;
Environmental protection and pollution-free materials, no heavy;
Accurately estimate the state of charge of the battery pack, that is, the remaining power of the battery, to ensure that the power of the battery pack is maintained within a reasonable range;
Built-in BMS management system with comprehensive protection and monitoring control functions;
5" LCD screen display, easy to operate, can check the temperature, voltage, working status, discharge current, dynamic and static SOC algorithm of a single cell, local display of alarm info, alarm level distinction, accurate positioning of abnormal cells;
Main control MCU can be centrally controlled and manage peripheral settings (AC charging module, inverter module, solar charging module) to adjust the charging current and voltage of peripheral devices according to the battery charging curve, making the system more reliable;
BMS battery management system, with SOC automatic calibration and high current passive balance function, combined with perfect operation control and management strategy, to achieve accurate and efficient management;
EMS energy management system, BMS with solar controller/AC charger, inverter centrally manages charge and discharge, effectively controls the charge and discharge current within the cell usage conditions, protects the cell and extend its service life;



Type of cell

LiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate)

Battery configuration

3.2V 280AH 144PCS    

Rated capacity (KWH)


Nominal capacity (AH)


Nominal voltage (VDC)


Operating voltage range (VDC)


Recommended Charge Voltage (VDC)


Recommended discharge cutoff voltage (VDC)


Recommended charge current(A)


Max Charge Current (A)


Recommended discharge current (A)


Max Discharge Current (A)


Charge temp range


Discharge temp range


Solar Charge Controller Input

Maximum. Input voltage of solar arrayVdc


Battery system voltage


Maximum power of solar array


Maximum charge currentA


Equalization charging voltage (Vdc)


Equalize charging recovery voltage (Vdc)


Over voltage disconnect voltage (Vdc)


Over voltage recovery (Vdc)


Working temperature


Protection level


Communication interface



5" LCD, English

Cooling system

Fan cooling

Working Altitude (m)


Reference Weight (Kg)


Reference size (W*D*H mm)


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Zhejiang Sandi Electric Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2008
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Haixia Yi
Building 13-2 Botong Huigu, Yueqing Economic Development Zone, Yueqing city, Zhejiang Province, 325604, China
Product Category
Inverters & Converters,Other Solar Energy Products,Solar Chargers & Controllers,Solar Energy System
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Zhejiang Sandi Electric Co., Ltd specializedin the new energy source and electrical source scientific research, development,manufacture and service had surpasses for 16 years of electrical source field;which recognized by widely customers according to entirely varieties, high quality and service first. At present, the researched products by our company basically contain the best product at home and abroad, which delegated the top level of electrical source manufacture all over the world. The main products are: Pure sine wave inverter, Off grid inverter, Energy storage lithium battery, LiFePO4 lithium battery, BMS, solar charge controller, solar pump inverter,  single phase to three phase converter, AC/DC Battery Charger products.

The products of company arewidely applied in Marine ship, vehicle, train, industry, solar system, civilian use, Power Systems, medical treatment, aviation, automatically control system of war industry and national heavyengineering project.


SANDI  Electric Company insist on technology as forerunner, keep long-term, good researchcooperation with all universities; fetch in and absorb international advancedtechnology, built strictly quality control system.


 We will take the workobjective of “unremitting exploration, endeavor and innovation, honesty anddedication, perfect and practicality” and quality guideline of “criterionmanagement, intensive manufacture, quality first, service with all hearts”.Seek excellence, value innovation!


Wewill ceaselessly struggle and create refulgence with you together.


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Zhejiang Sandi Electric Co., Ltd

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