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Signed an export contract for dried seafood products by actively matching buyers in finding sellers!
  • Seasoned Seaweed with anchovy for child
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      Seasoned Seaweed with anchovy for children

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      Food & Beverage > Foods > Seafood > Other Seafood

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      BADAONE Co ltd





Badaone Co., Ltd.- Roasted Korean Low-salted        Badaone Co., Ltd.- Anchovy Easy Soup Mix

Seaweed Flakes for Kidz with Anchovy                                                                                  



Due to COVID-19, online consultation inquiries from buyers who have been searching for sellers and sourcing products at offline exhibitions, etc. are increasing. As domestic companies are also having difficulties finding new buyers, the matching manager of tradeKorea is making effort in various ways.



Kait Lifestyle Store, which distributes baby food in Malaysia, also had difficulties in sourcing because it could not visit Korea after COVID-19. In September 2020, the buyer who showed interest in the marketing email and phone call from the matching manager of tradeKorea actively used the VCS (video consultation service) of tradeKorea. Although it was a small quantity, the buyer purchased samples from several companies and signed an export contract, so the matching manager of tradeKorea actively supported the buyer.



The buyer inquired about a company supplying seaweed laver salted dry fish for children that can be distributed at room temperature. The matching manager of tradeKorea introduced the buyer to Badaone's products, which met the conditions requested by the buyer. The buyer requested video consultation, showing interest in the product. Before proceeding with the video consultation, we shared the company introduction of the domestic company with the buyer to ensure a smooth meeting.


In the video consultation held on May 11, the buyer was satisfied with the detailed product description of Badaone. Questions from the buyer about the product information shared in advance were answered by the domestic company. At the meeting, the buyer was interested in the pack for soup in addition to the seaweed laver salted dry fish product, but he was worried because it was an unfamiliar product. The matching manager of tradeKorea further explained the use and convenience of the product to the buyer for better understanding. At the end of the meeting, the buyer requested Badaone to provide samples of seaweed flakes and easy soup mix.







Photo of individual video consultation                        Badaone's online shopping site




The buyer and domestic company were able to continue communication through the contact information provided by the matching manager of tradeKorea after the video consultation. Badaone promptly sent samples of the seaweed laver salted dry fish and pack for soup requested by the buyer free of charge. The buyer received the samples and tested the product to see customers’ reception.

The buyer signed an initial contract worth USD $1,512 in July, noting that customers' response to Badaone's products was positive. The buyer asked the domestic company if the latter can supply a small quantity at the beginning, and Badaone readily accepted it. The buyer decided to order a larger quantity on a gradual basis and thanked the matching manager of tradeKorea who mediated so that the contract could be concluded.

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