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14 Uniplatek Co., Ltd.

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    Thermo-Q Picture Picture frame heater

    We guarantee safety and reliability.
    We obtained proper certification from UL.


    3.1 Picture Frame Heater

    • As a heater that can be hung on the wall, it provides a beautiful picture as well as far infrared rays and anions being emitted unlike other heaters with unstylish designs. It is a clean heating apparatus with no smell or noise.
      At an office or study room, it provides a fresh and comfortable environment.

    3.2 Desk Stove

    • This model is a small-sized portable heater. It can be put under or on desks usually for students and office workers. This model also emits far infrared rays and anions.

    3.3 Sauna heating Panel

    • If you install a sauna heating panel in a sauna room you can enjoy a cozy and comfortable sauna with far infrared rays and anions that enhance your health.
      You can make an individual sauna (1~2 persons) with a much lower cost at your home.

    3.4 Specification

    Frame dimension
    Heating temperature
    Power consumption per 1 ea
    Thermo-Q Sauna
    450 x 450 mm
    176 °F
    200 W
    Thermo-Q Desk
    300 x 400 mm
    176 °F
    100 w
    Thermo-Q Picture
    600 x 700 mm
    248 °F
    600 W
    600 x 1,000 mm
    248 °F
    800 W
    Specification can be adjusted

    3.5 Feature

    • It radiates far infrared rays and anions as well as heat energy
    • It radiates high heat of 140 ~ 194 °F immediately after turning on.
    • It is safe from fire, because the temperature does not exceed the default temperature setting.
    • Radiation heating system generates no noise or ashes which are generated from kerosene stoves.
    • It does not consume oxyzen to heat spaces. Hot air circulation which produces dust is prevented. It is the best heating apparatus for a health life.
    • It is completely coated for water-proof, so electric leakage into water and moisture is not dangerous at all.



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    14 Uniplatek Co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Kang, Suk Hwan

    • Address

      Munpyeong-dong,8-6, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, Korea

    • Product Category

      Electrical Equipment

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    • Company introduction

      Company Overview

      Talents First, Win-Win Strategy, Creativity” summarizes Uniplatek

      Uniplatek offers the best in Plasma Surface Treatment Technology, including manufacturing technology of Functional Polymer and Face Exothermic Materials. As an entrepreneurial company, Uniplatek will help propel the global development of advanced materials including conductive plastic and aluminum with hardness of steel, and providing heating products (face exothermic materials) which maximizes energy efficiency.

      Uniplatek is a customer-focused company that welcomes your feedback, as well as values cooperation and aligning goals with its partners to develop highly- engineered products

      The range of products are Film Heater, Heating Vest, Foot Warmer, ITO coated films for touch screens, and some others.

      Our Film Heater(Thermo-Q) has been designated as "Korean World-Class Product by the Korean government.

      We are the only company who has this award among the heating film manufacturers in Korea.

      Meanwhile our PTC sensor system for protection against overheating has been designated as NET(New Excellent Technology) by the Korean government.

      -We produce a variety of products using advanced materials

      -Started out as a venture company that develops plasma surface treatment technology and functional polymer materials and develops a high-efficiency eco-friendly heating system called cotton heating system to pursue consumer health and comfort as a leading technology company

      As for the safety, we have acquired certifecated, UL, CUL, CE, GOST, CQ, PSE, EK, etc.

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      • Flexible Underfloor Heating Electric Film Heater

        Smart heating film

      • smart frame heater

        smart frame heater



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        Heat Radiant Jacket and Vest

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