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    Alzipmat COLOR FOLDER is liading the future trend of children's floor cover with its attractive and conforting design and colors.

    The unique characteristic of alzipmat COLOR FOLDER is that it makes better use of space by its easy transformation into multiple play structures such as couch, play mat and play tunnel. Furthermore it works as an effective preventer of heavy weight floor impact sound and as a safety device and has long-lasting durability. The alzipmat has been scientifically approved by the standardized noise decibel test and has been given a patent for ite effective prevention of noise.

    Alzipmat's perfection can be made by world class production facilities with master artisan’s hand-made work. Alzipmat is proud of 100% perfection and best quality.

    Materials used for Alzipmat have passed strict European standard, OECO 100 Test (Measurement of harmful materials on human body). Additionally, Alzipmat is safely made against 8 heavy metals and endocrine disrupting chemicals by using environment friendly building materials.


    • SE - 1300(W) x 1600(L) x 40 mm
    • S - 2000(W) x 1200(L) x 40 mm
    • G - 2000(W) x 1400(L) x 40 mm
    • SG - 2400(W) x 1400(L) x 40 mm
    • UG - 2800(W) x 1600(L) x 40 mm


    • Cozy (Light Pink + L Yellow + L Orange + L Green)
    • Bubble (Light green + L Blue + L Navy + L Purple)
    • Classic (Light ivory + L Pink + L Green + L Blue)
    • Smart (Pink + Orange + Green + Blue)
    • Green (Yellow + Yellow green + Green + Dark Green)
    • Sugar (Light Purple + L Pink + L Ivory + L green)

    Built with Environmentally Friendly Materials
    The alzipmat only use the environmentally friendly materials that have passed the OECO100 test which is the strict European textile standard and is safe from Endocrine disruptor and heavy metals. Also by implementing the heat adhesive method instead of the chemical adhesive method, alzipmat does not smell of chemical materials and is naturally safe.

    Effective Preventer of Noise
    Tested by the KOLAS certified Noise Decibel Research Institute of Korea, the alzipmat has been officially recognized of its effective prevention of heavy weight floor impact sound and sound insulation.

    Excellent Exterior/Interior Materials
    The alzipmat is manufactured with the PU fabric that has passed the OECO100 test which is the strict European textile standard and is safe from Endocrine disruptor and heavy metals. alzipmat is not only water-proof but it is also environmental friendly with its toxic-free and highly elastic PE Foam as its interior material. alzipmat not only cares for the safety of children but also try our best for children's good health.

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    10 Origin MNT Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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        Play Mat -Alzipmat Color Folder

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