electric scooter,e bike, electric bicycle

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e-bike, electric bicycle, electric scooter, scooter
Special Transportation , Scooters & Electric Scooters
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T&S Motors,Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1990
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Product name electric scooter,e bike, electric bicycle Certification -
Category Special Transportation
Scooters & Electric Scooters
Ingredients -
Keyword e-bike , electric bicycle , electric scooter , scooter Unit Size 1000.0 * 600.0 * 900.0 mm
Brand name MOYA1 Unit Weigh 18 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 871190

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Electric Scooter 

One can not touch detachable and can be easy for anyone to replace the battery, the size can be very small and equipped with two in the trunk of your car and subway, etc. You can carry on when public transportation.  


The seat height can be adjusted in three stages at the touch of a button easily using all ages. All the parts were manufactured in a lightweight, durable, lightweight aluminum casting method using a special bolt and locking No sound rust easily. Etc. The small, lightweight bodywork is gently slopes adorable can feel a strong power as PAS mode by driving up and down.


Powerful was equipped with a high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries in a single charge 80km ~ Driving to allow up to 100km, the body portion and the rotation detection unit on the axis connecting the seat plate is installed in your workforce while the user is seated in the seat by the electric motor is activated by the up and down movement driving a scooter can be up and down like a full body workout riding and allow the user to help the user's health 




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T&S Motors,Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1990
Business type



dakson Kim
2101, A-dong, D-Polis, 543-1, Gasan-dong,, Geumcheon-gu,Seoul,
Product Category
Bicycle Accessories & Parts,Bicycles,Indoor Sports
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Since its establishment as a used motorcycle exporter in the '90s, TNS Motors Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying comprehensive leisure sports devices including bicycles with its ample know-hows and technology.
TNS Motors Inc. is a venture company that is certified by the international standardization organizations such as ISO9001, ISO14001. We, at TNS Motors Inc., strive to develop efficient and easy-to-use electric bikes through quality standardization and eco-friendly production.


Our company is always working hard as a pioneer in the business of low carbon, green growths. Instead of pursuing short term profits, we are committed to making contributions to humans and nature. With our unique and creative products, we intend to support both convenience and economical merits.


We are proud to make small but meaningful contributions to energy saving and environmental protection, the two most fundamental tasks of all humankind. As an eco-friendly company, we will seek for and create new ways of environmentally friendly leisure sports, while focusing our best efforts on quality improvement and customer support. rehensive leisure sports devices including bicycles with its ample know-hows and technology.

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