HUV-30W Gel Light

HUV-30W Gel Light

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nail, nail art, nail gel light,
Beauty & Personal Care , Nail Art , Other Body & Nail , Nails & Rivets
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Hichen Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2004
Business type
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Product name HUV-30W Gel Light Certification -
Category Beauty & Personal Care
Nail Art
Other Body & Nail
Nails & Rivets
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Product Information


Nail Gel Light


[Product specification]

Country of origin :Korea

Rated voltage: AC220V / 60Hz

Power consumption : 10w

Configuration :  Body, product manuals and warranty

Material : ABS

Product size : 273 x 93 x136



[Product features and benefits]

-Lightweight and easy to carry, small, and easy to use.

-The blinking lamp is turned on right away, without relieving the eye fatigue.    

-For longer lamp life, lamp protection  circuity is built in  

-Good polished nails using UV gel nail polish, about 30 days manicure will remail.                        

-In developed countries such as Japan, the United States is a generalization, anyone can easily use.



[How To Use]

1.To clean up the appearance of the nail with nail tool

2. Transparent clear gel applied on the surface of the natural nails with a brush will

3. 2 minute curing - Base coat-step

4. Want to write a different gel wax

5. 2 minute curing - Base coat-step

6. Curing of gel cleanser to wipe out the wiper as embedded

7.Transparent and healthy and clean is completed nails


UV Gel Light Life : 8000 hours

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Hichen Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2004
Business type


MS Kim
692, JaanRi, BeebongMyun, Hwasung-city, Gyunggi-Do, Korea
Product Category
Beauty & Personal Care,Beauty Equipment
Year Established
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Company introduction

Hichen Co., Ltd. had been specialized as leading developer and manufacturer of Private Label Products established in 2003 and has continued plenty of investment and researched in the development of small home appliances and beauty electronic products for 10 years since its foundation.


Based on the experiences and results of the steady production and delivery of small household appliances to Korean major leading companies including Samsung Electronics, we recently established our own subsidiary R&D center for the development of the products, and acquired the certification of a venture business and a technological innovation company.


It abided by ISO9001 management regulations in all the manufacturing process management and built an innovative and competitive production system as well as the skilled production engineers. Especially, it has secured the superior production cost competitiveness in Asia through the development of Specialized Division of Labor and sub-contract (outsourcing) manufacturing and management system for more than ten years.


We, Hichen Co., Ltd, proudly announce that we are committed and dedicated to serve our clients as their exclusive department of Royal Concierge Service.

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