Cut-type Laver (Traditional Laver)

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    Specially delicious Kwangchon laver


    Kwangchon special taste laver is regional special product of Kwangchon Hongseong-gun Chungcheong nam-do, and the laver is thin, and the surface is smooth, and the flavor is excellent.

    Cut-type laver(traditional laver)

    1. This product uses carefully selected raw laver, which mixes traditional laver and naturally grown laver collected from uncontaminated seas of the West Coast.
    2. Laver is seasoned and toasted two times after which it is cut in a small size that is good for eating. Customers can conveniently taste this laver in a plastic container.

    │ FEATURES │

    1. The best quality raw seaweed in the west coast
      The best quality raw seaweed is carefully selected and used by mixing porphyra tenera and laver grown on the underwater rock collected in clean waters.

    2. Two times seasoning (1st and 2nd, two times seasoning)
      Taste and flavor is more excellent, as being seasoned two times, different from the existing process that laver is roasted after just 1st seasoning.

    3. Two times roasted laver
      The laver is two times roasted in far-infrared radiation ceramic method of roasting. (Produced as going through the process that the laver is roasted after the first seasoning, and then again roasted after second seasoning.)

    4. Thorough quality management
      - Storage process that fresh quality same as new laver is maintained every time by maintaining same temperature in our own cold storage 356days
      - Production process that excellent quality is managed by preventing oxidization and moisture of laver through maintaining proper temperature and humidity during production.
      - Laver is produced through the storage process that laver quality same as the first is preserved by keeping finished product at low temperature
      - The product got the certificate of ISO22000(food safety management system), and got Q mark (Chungcheong nam-do governor certificate) that Chungcheong nam-do approved.

    5. Laver roasted with touch of master craftsman
      Laver roasted with our utmost sincerity by 30 years of Kwangchon Laver manufacturing tradition and know-how.



    • Product size : 1pack, 15g(9cuts, 28~30pcs)
    • 15 packs : 15g x 15packs=1box
    • Box size : 315 x 150 x 350mm
    • 30 packs : 15g x 30packs=1box
    • Box size : 510 x 365 x 220mm
    • Other : 15g x 24packs/15g x 40packs(other options)
    • Daily Production Volume : 15g, 30,000packs


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      South Korea South Korea
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      Jae-bu Lee

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      Gwangcheon-eup, Chungseo-ro,360, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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    • Company introduction

      Located in Gwangcheon, Chungnam, known as the hometown of authentic laver specialties, Byul Food is a specialized producer of seasoned lavers that has 30 years of seasoning expertise in retaining the original taste of lavers.

      We take great pride in presenting special products of high quality and taste: we carefully select only the best raw lavers produced in clean ocean water around the Yellow Sea's coastal area, and then process them with thorough hygienic management.

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      • Italy Italy
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