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Regulating Tea

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Coffee & Tea , Other Foods , Health Care Supplement
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IDO Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
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Category Coffee & Tea
Other Foods
Health Care Supplement
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Product Information

Regulating Tea (15 Teabags)


For well balanced

“ Healthy tea for those who worry about diabetes. ”

Risk of adult disease and diabetes because of high calorie diet, and a lack of exercise.

Metabolic syndrome have been increased because of the weakened function of liver, kidney, and pancreas. Abstain from sweet and high calorie drinks, but take Regulating tea instead.

Developed regulating glucose metabolism functional herb tea using bioconversion technology, Korean and international patent pending.

│Main Ingredient│

 Bamboo Leaf leaf 39% (korean)

  • Regulate Nerves
  • Bamboo leaf is nature's gift that has an image as calming the mind down and for real, has a nerve controlling effect that is proven by several researches.
    There are the finest microorganism in the soil where bamboo grows, which indicates its cleanness.
    IDO collects well grown bamboo leaves that are grown in Ministry of Environment acknowledged native plants treasury. It is harvested from Gicheong mountain botanical garden, one by one with hands.
    Although bamboo leaf's outstanding effects are well known, bamboo leaf based tea has not been popularized in public due to its strong raw smell and hard to brew. 
    Bamboo leaf's own raw smell and rough taste of hard and protective surface also reborns as soft and elegant fermented tea with IDO's special fermentation process.

 Lonicera Flower 29% (Chinese)

  • Normalize liver function
  • It's named due to at the end of its vine, there is small blossom, it's white flower turns into yellow as it grows. It does grow in the mountains of Korea.
    Sometimes people grow them for decorative plant because its flower is so beautiful.
    When IDO makes them into the tea, we only use early flower buds, collect them one by one with hands. Because that is the time when the growing hormone reaches its peak.
    Don't worry about early flower buds are so small and bitter, even when it's boiled.
    Lonicera flower reborns as soft and elegant fermented tea with Ido's special fermentation process.

 Kudzu Root 19% (Korean)

  • Blood Circulation
  • Kudzu is called as the root of an arrowroot.
    Wise ancestors has already assumed the Kudzu's effect by observing it's vine powerfully drilling through barren soil.
    The overgrowing shape of entangled kudzu vine reminds complicated human blood vessel.
    Kudzu is known for its high vegetable estrogens, and already there are numerous researches that it has effective hang over relieving components.
    Good effect of kudzu root is well known so people used to drink it as juice by squeezing roots. However, if it is processed with IDO's fermentation, it's starch component is emphasized and good components are turned into lower class particles that brightens its good soft taste and effects.
    Fermented kudzu tea can be drank like soda which kids can enjoy, since it has reborn as soft and sweet fermented tea through IDO’s one fermentation process.

 Thorn Apple 10% (Chinese)

  • Help Digestion
  • Thorn apple is kind of Rosaceae plant, fruit that looks like crab apple.
    There is domestically grown thorn apple, but it has more seeds than pulps. On the other hand, it's original species is differ from what is written on medical publication, therefore Ido uses carefully chosen China's thorn apple because its more effective.
    Thorn apple has rich enzyme that dissolves protein, it acts as natural digestive, which helps modern people greatly who eats lots of meat.
    When we dry, steam, ferment, pan fry and age the well grown red fruit, it becomes less sweet and scarlet colored soft acidic taste fruit.
    Eating well, empty well and sleeping well is the basics of health. The thorn apple is one of the method to eat well, which is selected for ingredient of regulating tea.    
    Thorn apple tea can be enjoyed even by the children, it is soft, bit sour and elegant fermented tea with IDO's special fermentation process.

 Hydrangea Leaf 3% (Korean)

  • Natural SweetenerHydrangea leaf is also called as sweet dew.
    This hydrangea leaf different plant from what we grow in home for an ornamental plant,it is naturally growing hydrangea leaf in the mountains of gangwon province.
    And phyllodulcin component does not absorbed as calories for human body, which is known for its anti bacterial effect in mouth.
    Hydrangea leaf is natural sweetener that draws attention as functional ingredient.
    When IDO uses hydrangea leaf as tea ingredient, we collect them one by one with hands, and uses only leaves that went through short enzyme process and pan fried with far-infrared ray. Because it is when it has the most highest hormonal components. 
    Hydrangea leaf is the great ingredient that makes tea sweet and attractive.


Regulating Tea, Story Of Its First Birth
The main ingredients Bamboo leaf, Lonicera flower, Kudzu root, Thorn apple and Hydrangea leaf  that are adopted in this tea has variety of functions & components. It grows through number of procedures to change it's strong, raw and tough taste into soft and tasty.
When we receive ingredients, the first sorting - washing - the second sorting - steaming - fermentation - drying - aging - drying - pan firing - the third sorting - packaging. After all these procedures, it reborns as new feature and taste.
Anti-diabetic Effect Verification R&D found fantastic mixing ratio of 39:29:19:10:3 between Bamboo leaf, Lonicera flower, Kudzu root, Thorn apple and Hydrangea leaf, it finally packed into triangle shaped tea bag.

Ways to Enjoy IDO's Fermented Tea
1. Brew for more than a minute with hot water (80 ~ 90℃) 300ml~500ml
2. Can use coffee maker to brew
3. During summer, you can serve chilled
4. Like water, drink all day through
5. Can be enjoyed by children (no caffeine)

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IDO Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
Business type


Lee Eun Sil
Cheongha-myeon, Cheongha-ro 151beon-gil,27, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Coffee & Tea,Health Care Supplement,Other Foods
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

IDO is a company specializing in fermenting herbal medicines. It ferments a variety of medicinal herbs with respectively different parts and features of leaves, roots, stems, and flowers, etc, helping make the curing ability of herbal medicines more stronger and has been researching, developing, and producing various types of products ranging from foods and soaps to cosmetics.

IDO is putting its reason to purify the body and mind in a cup of tea based on thorough selection of raw materials.

1.  Company History
IDO-means the order and nature of how to live a life that is healthy in mind and body
As our name implies, all our products are in accordance with nature.
IDO's fermented-herb teas use only natural ingredients based on our unique re-interpretation and further refinement of traditional Korean medicine.

2. Products
i. Fermented tea possessing great taste and flavor as well as health benefits. Fermentation removes bitterness and strong scent from the herbal medicine and delivers smooth taste.

ii. Features:
IDO has expertise in fermentation of herb raw materials used in the practice of highest-quality traditional Korean medicine. Fermenting various herb raw materials such as leaves, roots, stems, flowers make medicinal effects of each more potent. Leveraging our expertise in medicinal herb materials, Edou researches, develops and produces soap and cosmetics. Edou's strict quality control begins from the selection of the raw materials.

3. Quality Control System
IDO uses organic, natural raw materials produced primarily in Korea. IDO obtained ISO9001, but our internal standard for the selection of raw material is stricter than any other international certification standard.

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IDO Co., Ltd.

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