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Product name Misul Instant Rice Polisher Certification -
Category Machinery & Parts
Rice Cookers
Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machines
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Product Information

MISUL Instant Rice-Polishing machine

Unpleasant Taste and texture, needs more time to soak rice in water, difficulty with digestion, sour smell, and etc.,

Why is brown rice recommended despite its unpleasant taste and inconvenience in cooking?

  • 19 times nutritious than white rice - Brown rice is 19 times higher in nutrient content than white rice
  • Re-polishing - Cooking stake rice affects your heath since all natural food expires.  
  • Why do we need to polish rice? - Phytic acid causes upset stomach. Polishing removes phytic acid from brown rice for easier digestion.
  • Polishing prevents the acidic smell of stale rice when cooked. - Cooking stale rice affects your health since all natural food expires.

Removes the oxidized layers of rice while retaining its nutritional elements

Shorter polishing time retains the nutrients of brown rice but not as tasty. However, longer polishing time. takes away most of the nutrients but rice is tastier! UP!

Suddenly we started going through various disease such as hypertension and diabetes. how can we prevent it?

The solution is Brown rice!

Brown rice
PH BALANCE OF THE BODY The pH range of cooked brown rice is 6.2 to 6.7 making it a low - acid forming food.
DIABETES Rich in vitamin B6,B2, fiber magnesium and other minerals for the prevenfions of Diabetes.
HYPERTENSION Brown rice contains a compound that protects the heart from a damaging protein.
CONSTIPATION Brown rice contains dietary fiber that helps maintain regularity and avoid constipation. Fiber also provides volume adding to a sense of fullness without increasing the number of cabries consumed.

Eating a plant-based diet like brown rice, rich like in phytochemicats, antioxidants, fiber. is the best way to prevent cancer.

WELLNESS Brown rice has been shown to have antioxidant, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory. antimutagenic and cardioprotective properties.
White rice
PH BALANCE OF THE BODY White rice has higher acidity level when broken down in the body as it convents into sugar easily
DIABETES Loss of fiber. vitamins, magnesium and other minerals, phytoestrogens, and phytic acid, which are protective factors for diabetes risk
HYPERTENSION White rice is high in carbohydrates, a high-carbohydrate diet is not ideal for blood pressure management.
CONSTIPATION White rice is digested faster than brown rice and has a higher glycemic index. Less bulk makes you feel hungry faster.

White rice does not lower risk of cancer as it does't have the nutritional components found in brown rice.

WELLNESS White rice is easy to prepare but has less benefit in our overall wellness and health.


  • Main Functions
    1) Customers can also utilize powder from polished organic brown rice.
    2) Customers can polish rice to suit to their tastes using various polishing functions 
    3) minute, 5 minute, and 7 minute polishing.
    4) Stale rice is transformed into fresh rice using the "repolishing" function.


  • With catch phrases,
    "Everyday Delicious Rice" and "Making Healthy Delicious Brown Rice Reflecting Life,"the product offers customers an opportunity to polish "brown rice" and "white rice"instantly at home. This well-being product will surely help customers restore their taste and health at the same time.
    1. Difficult chewing due to coarse textures
    2. Lost appetite
    3. Long soaking
    4. Difficult digestion
    5. Sour smell


  • What Misul Can Offer
    1. Fresh! Instant polishing 
    2. Convenient! One-touch preparation
    3. Multi-Purpose! Tailored to your taste
    4. Practical! Compact, elegant design


  • Patented Technology
    1. Polishing technology based on traditional Korean millstone’s friction polishing
    2. High quality design offering comfort and trust to customers


  • Using Korean motors and adopting traditional Korean millstone’s friction polishing, the damage to rice and embryo buds is minimized by simply shucking brown rice through the friction among rice grains.
    Clean, simple process of polishing delivers delicious rice with soft textures and with nutrition intact.


  • Reflecting its commitment and passion to serving customers, this simple, compact design is a must in your kitchen. This health and well-being conscious product is made by a state-of-the-art manufacturing system. It also uses only Korean parts.


B2B Trade

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type


Jugnha, Bong
2F, 971-4, Dang-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Agriculture Product Processing,Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machines,Rice Cookers
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

The company, Focus Inc., follows the motto, "No. 1 & Only 1,"offering environment-friendly, well-being electronics to its customers.
As a leading company in its field, it focuses on offering healthy food through popularizing brown rice. It has built extensive online and offline networks in Korea and across the world to become the best company in the world. Ferent food made out of pure green tea.


>> Company History

- FOCUS established
 - FS-2000 electric safety certified first in Korean electric rice polisher.
 - FS-2000 certified electromagnetic wave test.
 - acquired Korean quality Q-MARK
 - ”Misul”(MISUL)trade mark registration
 - patent for polishing minute device of home rice polisher
 - Incorporated to Focus Co., Ltd.

 - CJ Home shopping launching(first in the home rice polisher)
 - aired in public TV ” Economy TV closeup", KBS2TV “Good Morning Korea”
 - Aired in Kyung-In FM 90.7 “Wednesday Power Interview”
 - Attended trade fair in Linyi City in China
 - Attended trade fair "International Health Industry Fair" in Korea
 - Attended "Gift Fair" in Korea
 - Aired in public KBS 2TV ”Living Show Your 6 O'clock"

 - International Food Industry Exhibition, Seoul Kintex Exhibition
 - Achieved export to Malaysia exports total 1 million USD
 - (Week)Body Distributor Agreement Friend
 - Nominated as "Promising SME exports" from Small and Medium Business Administration
 - Certified as "Promising Venture Enterprise"


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