Eco-friendly dishwashing detergent

Eco-friendly dishwashing detergent

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eco-friendly, kitchen appliances, washing-up liquid, kitchen detergent
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Hyundai Entec

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product name Eco-friendly dishwashing detergent Certification -
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Product Information

Eco-friendly dishwashing detergent

│Product Info│

  • Top-class dishwashing detergent certified to be eco-friendly
    (water pollution is reduced / eco-friendly design)
  • 99% of antibacterial effects, no coloring, no preservative, vegetable surfactant used
  • cleans dishes, fruits, and vegetables sanitarily and safely
  • Eco-friendly product with 99.3% of biodegradability
    (Certification test by Korea Testing & Research Institute)
  • Used cnidium/pyroligneous liquor provided by Sancheong Oriental Medicinal Herb Institute
  • Container-type (500g) / Refill-type (500g/350g)

*Packaging/volume may change at the request of buyers.

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Hyundai Entec

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Kim Yoon
1020-107, Soju-dong, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Product Category
Bath Soap,Detergent
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Company introduction

Hyundai Environmental Technology Using the strictly selected medical herbs from Sanchung Chinese Medical Herb Institute, and doing out best to develop and manufacture the reliable products for the customers by participating ourselves in the technology and credibility of product through the cooperative investigation with affiliated institute and related organization 4 Hyundai. We develop and produce safe and healthy product, using natural abstracts mainly from Korea's indegenous herbs.

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Hyundai Entec

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