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paper tag

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paper tag, brand tag, carment tag, paper lable
Printing Service , Garment Labels
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Zhi Xiang paper Product Manufacturing Factory

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China China /
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Product name paper tag Certification -
Category Printing Service
Garment Labels
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Product Information

Product name: Label/Tag
Material:artwork  Paper.
Customized color. Size. Shape & logo.
Available in different designs as per customer's requests.
Samples with customer's registered trademarks logos and diagrams are for demonstration only.

My Skype: jiejiepkd

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Zhi Xiang paper Product Manufacturing Factory

Country / Year Established
China China /
Business type


Mr. Li
NO.58 Yao Li Industrial Zone,Hai Zhu District,Guang Zhou,GuangDong,China
Product Category
Bags,Boxes,Paper Crafts
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Company introduction

Zhi Xiang Paper Product Manufacturing Factory is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province,China. we are one of the leading hi-tech enterprises specializing in producing each kinds of shape exquisite absorbent paper coasters,advertising coasters, paper coasters,gray paperboard coasters, advertising coasters.fluorescence coasters,waterproof table pad.fridge magnet, disc pads,air freshener card,puzzles,pan mats.boxes,paper flags,books and other materials products.Size may be a contributory coasters request-made, high-end products.Our factory is dedicated to the development of products and technology in Production of coaster,paper air freshener ,paper bag,continuously.Now we have brought in most asvanced hi-tech automated production lines and the latest production technology for paper products.

with reliable reputation,we always supply high quality products and satisfactory service for our customs.and we have earned the trust of our customers all over the world.We have sold our paper products to many countries,like USA.France,Britain and so on.We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with the businessmen and companies from many countries in the world.

We are ready to meet your requirements by our covenient and satisfactory service.We warmly welcome you to visit our factory, and looked forward to be your friend forever.

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Zhi Xiang Paper Products Manufacturing Factory

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