CNC milling machine (ZEUS-VM1800~ VM1200)

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South Korea
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ZEUS-2000U, ZEUS-2000V
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8 Stonic Co., Ltd.

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    Other Metal & Metallurgy Machinery
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    ZEUS-VM1800, VM1500, VM1350, VM1200

    Extended the distance from  the center of spindle to column as 1350, 1500, 1650, 1850mm to 

    reduce the cost of cutting material compared to gate type of cnc machine.


    Table Size
    3,400 x 960 mm
    4,100 x 1,100 mm
    4,400 x 1,150 mm
    5,000 x 1,200 mm
    Table T-Slot
    7 x 22 mm HB
    Max. Longitudinal Travel
    (X axis)
    3,400 mm
    4,100 mm
    4,400 mm
    5,000 mm
    Max. Cross Travel (Y axis)
    1,250 mm
    1,350 mm
    1,500 mm
    1,800 mm
    Max. Vertical Travel (Z axis)
    1,200 mm
    1,350 mm
    1,500 mm
    1,500 mm
    5,500 mm
    6,500 mm
    7,500 mm
    8,000 mm
    Spindle Center to Column
    1,200 mm
    1,350 mm
    1,450 mm
    1,500 mm
    Rapid Feed Rate
    X, Y, Z axis 8 M/min
    Cutting Feed Rate (Manual)
    0 ~ 1,260 mm/min
    Cutting Feed Rate (Automatic)
    1 ~ 2,000 mm/min
    Manual Handle Feed (by Pulse)
    0.001, 0.01, 0.1mm / 1Step. 0.001, 0.01, 0.1mm / 1Step
    X,Y,Z Screw
    X (63 x 20), YZ (63 x 10)
    X (80 x 20),
    YZ (63 x 10)
    Spindle Taper
    ISO B.T No.50 (N.T No. 50 : Option)
    Spindle Speed Change Steps Variable
    (H/M/L) Automatic
    Spindle Speed (r.p.m)
    0 ~ 6,000 r.p.m (Option 8,000 r.p.m)
    Spindle Motor
    15 Kw (A.C servo)
    18 Kw
    22 Kw
    Feed Motor (for X, Y, Z axis)
    4 Kw
    X, Y : 6 Kw,
    Z : 4 Kw
    Lubrication Pump Motor
    2P x 20W x 2EA
    Coolante Pump Motor
    2P x 180W
    Spindle Lubrication Motor
    4P x 100W
    Screw Conveyer Motor
    4P x 400W
    Total Weight
    27,000 Kgf
    28,000 Kgf
    32,000 Kgf
    35,000 Kgf
    Max. Load on Table
    16 Ton
    Foor Space
    8,000 x 4,500 mm
    10,400 x 4,500 mm
    14,000 x 5,000 mm
    14,500 x 5,500 mm

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    8 Stonic Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      kim jung soon

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      Daewha-dong 40-22, Daeduk-gu, Daejeon-si

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      Other Machinery & Industry Equipment,Other Metal & Metallurgy Machinery

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      Stonic understands what is most importance for our customers' benefit and profitability since established in 1967, Daejeon city, S. Korea. 

      We have devoted the time and the passion to become a leading company in CNC milling industry, especially specialized in large size of column moving type, machine center, bed type.

      No companies can get you to the point where you can feel the agilities, versatilities, unique, adaptabilities when buying the CNC milling machine except Stonic.   

      When looking at the spec of Zeus (planer type), you may be transfixed at seeing the astonishing power, gigantic size. 

      We will stick to our promise till our mission is over.  


    • Main Markets
      • Canada Canada
    • Main Product
      • STONIC- 35

        CNC milling machine (STONIC- 35)

      • CNC milling machine -Zeus- U2000 - U1200-

        CNC milling machine (Zeus- U2000 ~ U1200)

      • ZEUS-VM1800- VM1500- VM1350- VM1200

        CNC milling machine (ZEUS-VM1800~ VM1200)

      • STN- 13U- 12U- 10U- 8V

        CNC milling machine (STN- 13U, 12U, 10U, 13U

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      The letter of introduction of stonic.pdf

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