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Magic surgical kits

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South Korea South Korea / 2008
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Daejeon Expo 2021
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Product Information


Magic Kit, Full drilling kit, Sinus & bone expansion kit



1. Features


-The new-concept Kit has been developed to apply three techniques(Drilling, Bone Expansion, Sinus Lifting) easily and effectively.



-One-time drilling system allows clinicians to form perfectly round shape placement hole and save autogenous bone through minimized osteotomy.



-The method considering dynamic principles enables easy and safe application of C.M.C Tech which has perfectly tackled the drawbacks of existing sinus bone grafting techniques.



-A gentle tapping system, designed for the improvement of bone quality, the augmentation of bone volume, and the protection of anatomical structures, through minimal tapping.




2. Advantages


-PBR: The placement hole can be made by one-time drilling which reduces surgery time.



-A perfectly round-shape placement hole is possible which allows clinicians to prevent failure factors that may occur on cortical bone.



-BEB: A technique intended to compress cancellous bone and bend cortical bone in order to expand the narrow bone width.



-It can minimize the bone fracture by reducing the compression and loading forces that occur during bone expansion.



-CMC: Using the surgical instruments, clinicians can hold and place pressure on the bone fragment attached to the sinus membrane in order to lift the membrane to a desired height regardless of the height of the remaining bone.


-Clinicians are able to control forces directly to reduce the possibility of the membrane being perforated. 




3. Components of Magic Kit  



1. Magic Split


: Tapping instrument used with a hand lever.


: Use for Bone quality checking as the first step of implant surgery.


: For B.E.B tech, it is applied to form an initial hole before using Magic Expanders




2. Magic Expander


: Tapping instrument used with a hand lever


: For soft and very soft bone quality(Q3, Q3-E, Q4) for B.E.B tech(Bone Expansion)


: To make bone condensation more ideal a star shape




3. Magic Sinus Lifter


: Tapping instrument used with a hand lever


: Use for C.M.C tech(Sinus lifting)


: Has lateral blades and the groove(3mm depth in round blade) to grab bone block from sinus floor.




4. Bone Pusher


: Tapping instrument used with a hand lever.


: Use to insert grafting material into sinus area




5. 1.8 Guide Drill


: To guide the initially-formed direction of a placement hole by Magic Split when B.E.B is performed on hard bone quality




6. Magic Marking Drill


: To make the location for fixture to be placed.




7. Magic Drill


: For hard bone quality(Q1, Q2, Q2-E) for P.B.R tech(One time drilling)


: Has the groove in the middle to accommodate the removed bone core.


: 50 time-use




8. Magic Depth Drill


: Has a forward-moving blade only.


: To secure the accurate depth of placement hole after removing bone core.


: To determine bone quality of the placement hole floor.




9. Drill extension


: To extend the application range of the drill in length




10. Drill Stopper


: To measure the exact range of length on drilling




11. Drill stopper holder & Parallel Pin


: To determine the direction of a placement hole for implantation


: To hold the Drill Stopper




12. Machine Hexa Driver


: For the placement of implant with a hand piece


: Depth mark makes flapess surgery convenient.




13. Long & Short Mount Hexa Hand Driver


: For the implant placement with a hand ratchet


: Depth makes a flapless surgery convenient




14. 1.2 Hexa Driver


: For cover screw, magic screw and abutment screw


: Could be connected to a hand ratchet




15. Torque Ratchet


: Allows to measure installation torque during placement




16. Angled hand lever

: For tapping instruments by having them connected to it.




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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2008
Business type

Exhibition 1

Daejeon Expo 2021




Je Won Wang
44-19, Techno 10-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
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Other Dental Equipment
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Company introduction

  Since its recognition as a treatment with scientific backgrounds at the 70th FDI thirty years ago, the dental implant has made remarkable advancements thanks to numerous clinicians and researcher's effort.


  Since prior art implant surgery systems, however, have concentrated mainly on the solution of a limited number of indications occuring at initial stages, they have yet to cope with many other indications remained unexplored.


  After all, it had to come down to long period of training and experiences to tackle all these indications and it became an area where general practitioners cannot easily get close to. Thus, implant dentistry remains not so much a field as common and popular as it should be.


  The implant treatment concept has been changed from bone-focused surgery to prosthetics-focused surgery. However, it is still concentrated mainly on Branemark System which is bone-centered system and dentists are facing a limited number of indications. Considering these variables, Dual Surgical System has been developed which boasts of unique concepts by far different from currently available systems.


  It was Dr. J.W.Wang tha began to develop the system using a logical approach method in 2004 and established the concept and techniques for this new implant treatment method; furthermore, a surgical concept and surgical technique of Dual Surgical System was developed in 2008 and 'Innobiosurg Co., Ltd' was established so every dentist could easily apply this system into his/her clinical settings.


  In 2009, Dr. Wang developed a surgical kit called 'Magic Kit' with a view to maximizing the effects of this innovative surgical method that is applicable regardless of the types of technique. Any dentist who has already known basic surgical techniques would perform surgery for all types of dental case only with familiarization of the concept of this Dual Surgical System and short-time training and education on use of the drilling system(one-time drilling) and the tapping system(which does not produce shocks, unlike currently available osteotome approach) of our Magic Kit.


  We expect that dentists can offer a customized treatments uniquely tailored to an individual when they get familiar with the use of the Magic Kit, based on the knowledge about basic techniques of the Dual Surgical System. We hope it will lay a foundation for implant surgery to become more popular among the people.

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