Raw Perilla seed oil

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9 Gong Food Korea

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    Raw Perilla seed oil


    oil helps to treat diseases containing more than 60% omega 3

    Premium Gong Gyesoon Fresh Perilla Seed Oil contains a quantity of qualified and unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins and Omega 3 by more than 60%. For getting healthy fresh perilla seed oil with the effect to help treat diseases, fresh perilla seed is washed and naturally dried. It is cold-pressed at around 40˚C to keep the natural temperature with consideration that the sunlight temperature to crops doesn't exceed 50˚C and to be closer to human body temperature of 36.5˚C.


    • Brain development of kids
    • Prevention of blood vessel aging, blood detoxification, inhibition of blood clots
    • Prevention and treatment of artery hardening
    • Omega 6 makes blood clots causing artery hardening, and then Omega 3 blocks such process.
    • Reduction of blood cholesterol
    • Effect by linolenic acid contained in fresh perilla oil
    • Effective against numbed hands or feet
    • Prevention of dementia
    • Effective against memory loss
    • Increasing plasmalogen, helping to improve cognitive function
    • Effective for restoring body function after giving birth
    • Effective for skin beauty
    • Effective against constipation
    • Effective against hypertension, hypotension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes
    • Effective against joint diseases caused by immunity disorder
    • Effective against cancers or inflammation
    • Inhibiting the development of tumors in breast cancer and colorectal cancer by up to 70% (Europe Cancer Prevention Journal, 2001)

    │ HOW TO USE │

    >> How to Apply Fresh perilla Oil to Skin

    • Effective against dry and rough skin, cracked and dry elbows and heels, wrinkles, freckles or discoloration on face, tanned skin, atopy, heat rash, or insect or mosquito bites
    • For Cleansing or massaging face
    • For massaging chapped belly of a pregnant woman

    >> How to Have Fresh Perilla Oil

    • Take 5-10ml (about one tablespoon) before a meal three times a day.
    • Salad dressing, dipping for bread, roasting laver, frying eggs, seasoning a variety of edible greens, frying wet vegetables or bracken fern, or frying sea mustard for making sea mustard soup
    • Eliminate fishy smell by adding when cooking fish.

    │ STORAGE │

    Keep in refrigerator after opening.



    • Product Category : Perilla oil
    • Ingredient/Additive : Perilla seeds 100%
    • Supply Ability : 50,000 boxes/1 month
    • MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) : 100boxes (20ea/1boxes)
    • Size : 100ml/180/300/420/set
    • Expiration date : 1 year
    • Certification : Chungcheongbuk-do Governor’s Quality Certificate on Good Agricultural Specialty
    • Place of Origin : Korea


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    9 Gong Food Korea

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
    • Supplier Activity

    • President

      Gong, Gye-soon

    • Address

      82-6, Sayeo-gil, Maro-myeon, Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Olive & Sesame Oil,Sauce,Other Seasonings & Condiments

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      Gong Food, manufactures using hygienic and scientific methods by combining the quality management system ISO 9001 to the traditional and unique Korean technique. Gong Food pursues premium well-being food. Furthermore, Gong Food primarily uses eco-friendly farm products from the community as the raw materials as the good community company selected by the Ministry of Security and Public Administration. Gong Food provides jobs to community residents and returns a part of profits to needy neighbors and the neglected in the society.


      @ FDA: completed the registration of the facility and the food inspection by the USA FDA

      @ Acquired ISO 9001

      @ Hit 500: Korea Hit Item selected by consumers and Small and Medium Business Administration

      @ Good Community Company selected by Ministry of Security and Public Administration

      @ Applied for a patent for the manufacturing method of fresh oil and fresh perilla seed powder


    • Main Markets
      • Japan Japan
      • U.S.A U.S.A
      • South Africa South Africa
    • Main Product
      • Raw Perilla seed oil

        Raw Perilla seed oil

      • Perilla powder

        Perilla powder

      • Red ginseng caramel

        Red ginseng caramel

      • Perilla caramel

        Perilla caramel

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