ENT Workstation Unit PTR-3 OPTIMA

ENT Workstation Unit PTR-3 OPTIMA

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South Korea South Korea / 2007
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Category Medical Devices
Dental Equipment
Dental Consumables
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Product Information

ENT Workstation Unit PTR-3 OPTIMA

PRT 3-Optima is suitable optimizing workstation unit popular ENT needs and upgraded with PRT 3, general purpose medical workstation unit. Package system is more economical than normal ENT workstation with additional selectable options. Endoscope ENT Sterilizeris very useful selectable option for this unit.



>>Workstation Unit PRT3-Optima

  • Ergonomics and sturdy designed case with chemical tolerated powder coating.
  • Compressor and oilless pump capability having up to 60W 1way Head and 10L/min at 2.5kgf/cm2.
  • Injection medicine spray volume with air pressure is more than 5ml/min normal at 1.5kgf/cm2 and Max. 2kgf/cm2.
  • Air filter with degree 5㎛
  • Vacuum suction pump capability is Max. 740mmHg for main and Max. 650mmHg for subsidiary. Suction volume is more than 200ml for 10 sec with 100L/m at 680mmHg and Suction power is more than 500mmHg for 10 sec.
  • Optional light intensity of radiation is more than 4.0 x 10000Lux with light angle 45o with light guide cable. LED light is another optional specification.
  • Camera pixel is more than 768 x 494 and capturing display with 1/2/4 pictures.
  • Medical monitor is fixed basically and additional monitor or X-ray view box is optional.
  • 3 spray of straight or curved. Optionally it is possible of other composition of sprays.
  • Joystick ENT chair easy controller; full automatic Up/ Down, rotation, Rising/ Leasing of chair back and leg-support.
  • Main Switch and Control panel; ON/OFF for Power LED, Micro camera, Endoscope, Monitor.
  • Foot switches for display capture and ENT chair moving control.
  • Fuse set for main power and compressor power.
  • Power Supply door for A/S.
  • Suction bottle checking window and door.
  • Optional ultraviolet Sterilize is 253.7nm±5%.
  • Anti-fog drier is 1~1.5kW with auto off function. (Please check it with factory if you need smooth or silent drier.)
  • Optional one of Naslal Suction Tip. (Please check it with factory)
  • Multipurpose can with various sizes, Max.15 more and big size 106mm cesspit.
  • Optional circular ENT endoscope hanger. (Please check it with factory)
  • Post brackrt and optional post pole and fixture.
  • A/S cover for main PCB easy checking.
  • Power consent for external display, microscope and aux system.
  • Main power is AC 220V/60Hz with ground connection. Other input main power possible. (Please check it with factory.)
  • Protection of over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature.
  • Sound damper for deflection of air tank and suction / spray motors.
  • To supply other customized options including irrigation. (Please check it with factory.)
  • Power Consumption is 575Watt.
  • Size is 760(L) x 685(W) x 1850.(H2 is for medical light installation ,H1 without light set is 902mm)mm
  • Weight is 96kg.

>>Microscope (Alternative Option against medical Lamp)

Power Source AC 220V/60Hz
Power Consumption 135W ± 10%
Total Magnification 3X, 5X, 8X (3 Steps), F=250mm
Dimension Microscope Head : 32(W) x 94(D) x 15(H)mm
Light source : 120(W) x 210(D) x 120(H)mm
Weight Microscope : 7.5kg
Light source : 4kg
Halogen Lamp Power source DC 15V
Power Consumption 150W ± 10%
Brightness 100,000 Lux
Cooling system Cooling by Air Fan
Expected life 50 hours

JRMED is a professional producer of concept medical apparatuses for ENT, established with patent by complementing weak points of existing products and developing creative products for doctors' convenient and elegant diagnosis & treatment. SUPER VISION is a safe product that passed efficiency, safety, EMI tests and obtained permission of KFDA. This apparatus is registered as a product of a patent on a new device.

Power Source AC 110, 220V/60Hz
Power Consumption 176W ± 10%
Dimension 280(W) x 320(D) x 89(H)mm
Weight 6Kg
Halogen Lamp Power source DC 15V
Power Consumption 150W ± 10%
Brightness 40,000 Lux
Cooling system Cooling by Air Fan
Adjust of Brightness Volume up or down
Expected life 50 hours

>>Control Panel

(1) Warmer(Anti-fog)
(2) Endoscope
(3) Monitor

>>Joystick Chair Controller (Option)

Moving up the chair for diagnosis & treatment
Moving down "
Leaning backward "
Leaning forward "
Rotating " to the right (only for JRC-5000 series)
Rotating " to the left (only for JRC-5000 series)



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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
Business type


Byeongrok, Lee
7 Dongeulsanro, Tonjineup, Kimpo-city, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Beauty & Personal Care,Hospital Furniture,Medical Devices
Year Established
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Company introduction

JRMED  has been a Korean Prospective & Professional ENT Workstation unit/chair and ENT Nebulizer manufacturer since 1997 and we got already ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE mark.

We have supplied more than 8000 pcs of ENT medical patient chair to Korean and foreign customers since 1997 and only JRMED can produce the chair having full automatic 360o rotating function in Korea. It is another feature of full direct self-manufacturing of JRMED for most important components. So we supply our products to main Korean exporting medical companies as OEM and many oversea users already experienced our technology. Specially we already gain patent relative with reduction 40% weight of the chair and it is very useful for competitive sales power. JRMED medical chair has superior features of solidity and ergonomic design with light weight and best quality and best market share in Korea for last 15 years. It will be upgraded for all medical application including dental or veterinary medical field. Specially we pride of patent with weight reduced to about 50% and oil leakage reliability increased more 3 times based own engineering technology.

In case of JRMED’s ENT Workstation unit, it is very worldwide unique and revolutionary system for patients, doctors and nurses with utmost automatic visual and movable unit function according to left and right treatment of symmetry human body. It gained international patent to be achieved by best medical effectiveness during short ENT treatment time between patient and doctor. It must be based real doctor’s examination of ENT, typically for ear examination or treatment with severe difficulty. JRMED's medical system to be acquired World patent as rotating function for utmost medical efficiency with transferring working floor space to the dedicated zone for both doctors and patients. It make time of clinic treatment to be reduced to less than 60% and medical examination accuracy to be improve to about more than 150%.It must be expend to various medical application. Of course we may supply every level of ENT Unit and upgrade and develop it according to customizing needs or OEM. 


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