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PRIME Battery Regeneration System RPT-C300

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PRIME Battery Regenerator and Dscharger
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Repowertek Inc.

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Jul 04, 2024
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South Korea South Korea / 2010
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Product Information

The PRIME Lead-Acid Battery Regenerators

The PRIME machines are superior battery regeneration and charge system. Through our new invention of the PRIME battery regeneration system, PRIME regenerators can change all paradigms of battery regeneration from now on.  We believe that the results of the PRIME regenerators and chargers will be as big-changing as shifting from typewriters to computers.

PRIME can make the greatest revolution in battery chargers and regenerators worldwide.  In addition, we hope our unique technology will advance significantly for reconditioning chargers and solar inverters (regen-desulfation charging controllers) soon.

All kinds of lead-acid batteries can be perfectly de-sulfated and restored if all cells are damaged physically. However, the sulfates are deposited on the plates/grids instead of solution if the specific gravity is low with a full charge.  Changing the electrolyte or adding more acid won’t help because the sulfate crystals are already deposited on the lead plates.  There is no way to clean the lead plates except using a battery pulse desulfator and a high-efficient restorer such as the PRIME Regenerators.

PRIME is the most innovative battery regenerator to renew old sulfated batteries.   It has adopted the intelligent Micom control system with optimized

high-frequency pulse system, which is proprietary and developed

by the cutting-edge technology of REPOWERTEK. 
Say “goodbye” to inefficient, oversized SCR transformer-type regenerators using strong low-frequency pulses and fake high-frequency pulse chargers named regenerators based on simple high-voltage and SMPS.


The PRIME Regeneration è The capacity and lifespan of all lead-acid batteries gradually decrease as lead sulfate crystals form on all lead-acid batteries' electrodes and lead plates.  These hardened sulfates can be wholly dissolved and returned to the electrolyte by the PRIME Regenerations once every 1~2 years after installing new batteries.


And since the PRIME Regeneration reduces internal resistance remarkably, it does not generate high impedance (heating) inside a lead-acid battery.  So it prevents the evaporation of the electrolyte liquid and can also prevent the oxidation and corrosion of lead plates. As a result, the PRIME Regenerator can increase most lead-acid batteries' overall life to 2~3 times with keeping the highest optimized battery capacity and condition. (Deep Cycle: max. 4 times)




RPT-C300 :  6~12V Regenerator Mode(Max. 25A), Charge Mode, Power Supply Mode, Discharge Mode(Max. 30A) and CCA(For Car battery) & Internal Resistance Checking (6-in-1).   For 6~12V all kinds of Lead-Acid Batteries, the regeneration performance will be much superior to any other products.   You can sell RPT-C300 to Battery wholesale, retail shops and Car repair shops as a battery physician.  This item will be very good for battery sellers due to the superior restoration effectiveness for feeble new batteries which lost chemical activation and over-discharged.   

RPT-C300 (6-in-1) ;   220VAC ~110VAC Free Voltage, Single Phase      

1.  Battery Regenerator at ‘REGENERATION’ mode FOR 6V~12V, 40Ah~ 300Ah

2.  Battery Regenerator at ‘CHARGE’ mode FOR 6V~12V, 40Ah~ 300Ah

3.  Power Supply Mode (6V~12V Expert’s manual setting mode of Voltage, Current & Time for special & sleeping batteries, same as a POWER SUPPLY Mode)

4.  Battery Discharger (420 Watts) at ‘DISCHARGE’ mode
5.  IR(Internal Resistance) Checking - before & after 2 ways
6.  CCA(Clod Cranking Ampere for Car Battery ONLY) Checking - before & after 2 ways  

* Mainly used for all kind
s of batteries, but mostly applied up to 300Ah of 12V Solar, UPS, Deep Cycle batteries
  * Maximum Output Current : 6V~12V =25A
* A serial connection up to 6V x 2 (12V) batteries at the same time. 


  • The most advanced battery regenerator (Regenerator Mode)

  • Perfect desulfation performance by high-frequency pulse and charge algorithm

  • Special Battery Regenerative Power Supplier (Power Supply Mode)

  • Lower Current Charging for Non-used battery(Sleeping Battery) for a long time

  • Stable Digital Discharger (Discharge Mode ; Max. 30A)

  • Measurements for Voltage, Internal resistance and CCA

  • A full automation and easy to use

    * The regeneration time with any PRIME regenerator takes 15 hours including a full charge.  But any battery was already nearly full charged, the operation of PRIME will be automatically stopped earlier, regardless of its setting time (15 hours).

    *  PRIME regeneration methods are not adding any sulfuric-acid and chemical additive in any cell at all.





The PRIME battery regenerators
l The world's first invention to overcome technological limitations and eliminate sulfates of batteries with practical high-frequency pulses
l The only technology that can extend lead-acid battery capacity & life over 2 to 3 times compared to all third-party restorers/chargers
l Most advanced battery regeneration technologies and products in the world, confirmed by all of our customers
l The only superior battery restoration technology worldwide does not overheat and damage the batteries during regeneration.


“ The PRIME battery regeneration systems will be essential for all battery suppliers and maintenance companies to improve battery capacity by using the highest-efficient battery desulfator applied by optimized High-Frequency Pulse and Regeneration Algorithm.”  

PRIME Products are classified by nominal lead-acid battery voltages.

6V, 8V, 12V Batteries (~300Ah): 

RPT-T300 (7-in-1 Multi-functional machine for all types of 6V~12V lead-acid batteries, ~25A) is our best seller for the first evaluation.    Thus, five machines and two (IR & CCA) measurement functions are all-in-one combined.  (A bestseller for the first evaluation on 12V batteries)

RPT-C300 (6-in-1) does not have the Condition Tester function, but all other modes and functions of RPT-C300 are the same as RPT-T300.   Thus, four machines and two (IR & CCA) measurement functions are all-in-one combined.

RPT-A300 (3-in-1) is an entry-level (Discharger mode excludes) regenerator.

All PRIME machines reinforced the durability and stability of mass regenerations through four(4) generations.  Three models optimize on 6V, 8V & 12V batteries.   The maximum AC power consumption is 600 Watt/h    

The unique advantages of the PRIME Regenerators;

(1)   All were developed with original and creative battery restoration technology. (Entirely new invention)  

(2)   The best high-tech application (The world's first practical high-frequency pulse regeneration algorithm)

(3)   The superior battery restoration performance (Guaranteed far superior excellence than all other existing battery restorers)

(4)   The fully automatic operation. (Set only a nominal voltage and capacity START  A fully-automatic regeneration process  Completed)

(5)   The universal regeneration equipment for all types of lead-acid batteries. (Adjustable for all nominal battery voltages and capacities)

(6)   The only multifunctional battery regeneration equipment. (The first and only versatile regenerators as 3-in-1 up to 7-in-1)


It is to be an eco-friendly operator that meets the purpose of diversifying business in the future, saves carbon, and saves the earth and human beings from coping with the global warming climate.


I introduce the best eco-friendly green reuse business that cleans the earth and helps humans.  All lead-acid battery suppliers and users need the re-awareness of the PRIME Battery Regeneration System.  

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Repowertek Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2010
Recent Visit
Jul 04, 2024
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YU, Young Joon
301-1108, Bucheon TechnoPark Ssangyong 3-Cha, 397, Seokcheon-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14449, Rep. of KOREA, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Batteries,Other Energy Related Products,Other Environmental Products,Telecommunication Tower
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Repowertek Inc. is the leading developer andmanufacturer of the PRIME Lead-acid Battery Regenerators and Dischargers in KOREA since 2010.  We have developed themost innovative battery restoration systems (PRIME battery regenerators and dischargers), and we are very much interested insupplying our new innovative products to all over the world.

We expect that our products will be very salable items in all markets in the world becauseour innovative products are the New Renewable Energy Product by GreenTechnology. The new renewable energy products in developing companies canbenefit from payments as part of the Clean Development Mechanism of the KyotoProtocol. Growth in renewable is inevitably supported through governmentspolicy and these trends reflect strong growth and investment across all marketsectors including battery renewal business.

All our employees will continue our efforts to meet consumers’ demands with highand reliable quality of products.  All ofour products are manufacturing in KOREA. We are very welcoming of your joining to be one of distributor or dealerin your territory.

Thank you very much.   

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