RF Skin   Body care(300W RF+Vaccum+640nmLED)

RF Skin Body care(300W RF+Vaccum+640nmLED)

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Product name RF Skin Body care(300W RF+Vaccum+640nmLED) Certification -
Category IPL+RF Beauty Equipment Ingredients -
Keyword rf aesthetic , rf body shaping , rf rejuvenation , rf skin care Unit Size 50.0 * 37.0 * 35.0 cm
Brand name BOTEM Unit Weigh 10 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 9018909080

Product Information

 Commonly it is understood that multifunctional device has low power for each stimulation so the effect is lower than one functional device.  But it has very powerful 300W RF POWER and 630mmHg powerful vacuum . It just CE approved and we are waiting last CE certification. And it has KFDA as well. Please find its catalogue and simple information in below. It has video to explain about its performance like below.


RF+Vacuum+LED Combined


RF+vacuum suction+LED can give absolute synergy effect for whole of face and body. Vacuum and RF combination can give quite good feeling to client by effectively relax muscle with two stimulation. Please find below special points for Botem. We supply 3 probes.

Especially its very strong point is stable and quick increasing RF heat with 300W maximum power. It is small for easy and economic delivery but very powerful machine. I think this machine can be the item what you can recommend the clients who want something different or clients who already have Lavatron.


For Endermology massage, lymphatic gland massage is important and additionally off interval according to heart rate. This is the device which is working after checking even 0.1seconds by several clinical tests. And the pump for endermology is 630mmHG for Botem and Enseung Magic pot is 250mmHg. Botem has almost 3 times higher pressure power than Magic Pot. Moreover Botem has 2 pcs of pump(it is like heart), it has almost no noise and shaking but Magic Pot is used economic type Liner pump has shaking and noise so it makes easy to drop to floor during operation.(care shop room is so quiet so it is very sensitive with noise). Botem developer developed Magic pot in Enseung. He develop Botem after strength the weak point of Magic pot. Please find the attached comparison table. When we show demonstration to salon owners and Doctors, satisfaction is much higher for Botem than Magic pot. How about market in Magic pot in your country? I am sure it can compete with it. Actually  most of clients who compare two machines select Botem thanks to its more powerful energy, vacuum and LED FUNCTION.


2. Pain relief - It decides suction and pressure of strength. When it meets RF heat, it can make the best synergy effect.

3. Face treatment - It doesn't have spark at all during treatment. And heat is very stable during operation.

4. Botem is just certified CE medical, it is medical CE. Botem is the unique machine which has medical CE among all RF + Vacuum+LED combined machine in Korea. All others including Magic pot CE certified as general device. 


For the users who want any new one and bored for normal RF, this will be very attractive. For aesthetic part, almost all technology is already released. KEY is how to combine good functions for the best synergy effect. And how much stably work. For those points, this machine can be an answer to induce many customers. Especially probe doesn’t make any problem like other RF machines. This is machine to widen the selection range for your clients and prevent customer secession who want to have different type of RF. Moreover I really feel it is very stable and effective and strong machine. And there is no doubt that they are the ones we need to mainly consider to start machine. As you are very experienced in esthetic market, I am sure you can successfully launch it to in market.


It guaranty 4'S. Strong, Stable, Simple, Small.

Strong power: 300W, 630mmHG

Stable: Using the high quality parts

Simple: Very simple to use

Small: Easy to handcarry



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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Trading Company


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