Unsalted Butter 82%

Unsalted Butter 82%

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U. Kingdom
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unsalted butter, butter, cow butter,
Butter & Cream , Animal Extract

Roadstar Enterprises

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U. Kingdom U. Kingdom /
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Product name Unsalted Butter 82% Certification -
Category Butter & Cream
Animal Extract
Ingredients -
Keyword unsalted butter , butter , cow butter Unit Size -
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Product Information


Color light yellow to yellowish white.
Butter will be manufactured with cow’s milk.
Color and smell natural.
Expiry date 24months after production date. Not older than 30 days from the date of shipment. All packages bear production and expiration date.
Taste pure, mild acid, not rancid.

Chemical Specifications

Pure butter fat not less than 82%
Moisture and milk solids total not more than 18%
Iodine index 33-43 range
Saponification value 210-235 range
Polenske index 1.5-3.7 range
Free fatty acid 0.3% max
Peroxide value 0.6 meq/kg.max
Melting inter 30-34 range
Radio activity (Cs137) content in butter less than 10bq/kg

Microbiological Specifications
Coliforms absent
Yeasts and modules max 50 per gr.
Salmonella absent per 25gr
E.coli ab absent

Unsalted cow milk butter 82%, Natural Cow Milk Butter 82%, Butter 82 fat, Cow Butter Oil, Natural Cow Butter, Unsalted cow milk butter 82 fat, Cow butter oil, Natural cow butter 82%, Table bread butter for spreading, Unsalted/ salted butter, Raw shea butter, Liquid butter for making sauces, Canned butter, Dairy butter for cooking, Unsalted lactic butter, Bakery butter 25kg for baking, Unsalted cream butter 82 for cheese yogurt.
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Roadstar Enterprises

Country / Year Established
U. Kingdom U. Kingdom /
Business type
Daryl Vogner
33 Parklane Salford
Product Category
Agricultural Equipment,Milk,Milk Powder,Kidney Beans ,Other Dairy
Company introduction
We are a reliable and trustworthy distributor of milk and milk products, dairy products, drinks and beverages, nuts and agric supplies. We are proud to advertise to users on this site of our excellebt and diverse supply scope to meet customers demands and of course our professionalism.
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