Soothing Gel (Aloe)

Soothing Gel (Aloe)

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aloe, soothing gel, aloe gel, vb9-plus,
Facial Care , Other Facial Care , Feminine Hygiene
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South Korea South Korea / 1995
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Product name Soothing Gel (Aloe) Certification -
Category Facial Care
Other Facial Care
Feminine Hygiene
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Product Information

FEELRE Soothing Gel (Aloe)

│ Efficacy │

Give moisture and vitality to tired and dry skin~!

1. Moist and soothing aloe soothing gel, containing patented ingredient VB9-Plus and aloe vera leaf juice (92%).
2. Californian CCOF certified aloe vera leaf powder soothes dry and tried skin and maximizes hydration effect.
3. Thanks to patented ingredient, VB9-Plus, it can be applied to sensitive skin. It also keeps the facial complexion bright with brightening effect.
4. Additive-free, safe prescription of 6 FREE! (Mineral oil, benzophenone, artificial colors, dioxin, animal raw materials, silicone oils)

│ Features of major ingredients │

1. VB9-Plus (folic acid fermented substance and glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract) - (10-0926170)

Folic acid is vitaminB9, commonly found in green vegetables. Folic acid activates protein metabolism, promoting growth of cells and reduces the wrinkles. It also prevents cell damage from UV rays, maintaining healthy skin. In addition, it encourages immune systems with anti-allergic and anti-stimulating effects. Therefore it has excellent effect to sensitive skin.
Since long time ago, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root has been widely used to promote effectiveness of herbal medicine materials with outstanding detoxification. Ingredient which is contained in licorice, ‘Glycyrrhizic Acid’ soothes the skin due to excellent anti-inflammatory effect. It also enhances remarkably cell renewal and makes the skin tone bright due to excellent anti-oxidant effect

2. Aloe

When Alexander the Great went for military expedition in spacious regions, he cultivated aloe to keep soldiers’ health against various endemic diseases. Also, aloe has been used since long time ago, Cleopatra of ancient Egypt used aloe for skin care. According to The Travels of Marco Polo, "Chinese people have applied aloe to stomach disorder." Aloe soothes sensitive skin due to external stimuli, 4 times faster than the water. It provides rich moisture in order to make dry skin moist and fresh.

│ Instructions for use │

Spread gently to dry and sensitive skin including face, neck, arms, legs, etc.

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1995
Business type


Myung Ok Seo
55-8, Sandan-ro 52beon-gil, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Cosmetic Raw Materials,Face Mask,Facial Care,Other Personal Care
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Company introduction
Since the establishment on June 12, 1995, FEELRE KOREA has been growing steadily to realize the dream of beauty under the slogan of “Clean skin like nature, transparent and clear skin." Professional manufacturer of mask sheet & pack is proud of the best quality by continuously upgrading prescript content which is the core of the product in own laboratory.

The reason is that FEELRE KOREA imports directly best raw quality from United States, Japan, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, etc. The content is prescript with know-how and R&D over the years. Thanks to creative and differentiated highly pure quality content prescription, we provide Feelre Pure mask sheet (10 kinds), natural nose pack (3 kinds), Mother wet tissue (3 kinds) to the best domestic flat price store, DAISO. These items are being consistently loved by consumers in cosmetic shops, chain drug stores and other distribution channel.

We consistently produce and sell various items such as mask sheet & packs, skin care, body care, hair care products steadily under OEM, ODM method. FEELRE KOREA cosmetic products have been introduced in famous magazines of Japan and Korea. Also they are popular in Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Chile and Vietnam. We will put our efforts and investment to become the company that provides the best product content to our customers.

Thank you.
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