Underfloor electricity carbon full coated heating film

Underfloor electricity carbon full coated heating film

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Seggi Century Co Ltd

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South Korea South Korea / 2005
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Floor Heating Film (APN-410, 405)

│ Regarding Floor Heating (Ondol)… │


  • Definition: Ondol is a traditional heating method of the house in Korea which heats the floor of a room. It is also called as hypocaust. It is a heating method with a type that the fire is built at the fireplace, and the hypocaust is heated, while the hot smoke filled with the fever created at the fireplace is passing under it, and the smoke gets out of the chimney located at the end of the hypocaust.

  • Modern Floor Heating : Thanks to 'Mr. Frank Lloyd Light', the modern architect of the U.S.A., the Korean Ondol is known to overseas countries. He lodged at a Korean house during the travel, and being fascinated by the floor heating he applied it to his work in U.S.A., which might be the first case that the Ondol was introduced to overseas countries.
    He described on the Ondol in his auto bibliography as follows.


“Korean room is the best heating method ever invented by the mankind.
To keep the feet warm is the most idealistic heating.”


Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8, 1867 ~ April 9, 1959)
Major Work : Guggenheim Museum, Kauffmann Mansion (Falling Water), Taliesin West, Florida Southern College,
More than a hundred of Unisonion Houses


The chairman of the Germany Heating Association says that at present more than 50% of the new buildings in Germany adopt the floor heating, and that this is an outstanding tendency in recent Europe.
And the German government judge that the floor heating is good in energy saving and efficiency, and give benefit for the houses that floor heating is adopted.


It is said that 60 % of the new houses, and 15 % of the current houses in Japan adopt the floor heating. Especially as the floor heating is good for health, it is essential for the nursing home facility where the old and the infirm. It is said that the superiority of the floor hating is known and supplied by experiencing the floor heating and convection heating at Tokyo Gas Experience Center.

│ The reason why the floor heating is good │


Floor Heating Convection Heating

○ Comparison of Floor Heating and Convection Heating through the Experiment

If seen through the 6 indexes of indoors heat environment of the 6 values of indoor temperature, humidity, air flow speed etc., the air flow speed is minute, and the temperature difference of the upper part and lower part is also small. Due to this, the floor heating is pleasant as a uniform heat exchange is available from the head to the end of feet.

Left Upper Part
It shows the temperature changes of the floor heating and convection heating in the air.
It can be seen that the temperature evenly rises from the floor in case of the floor heating, while it rises from the surrounding of the heater only and the heat goes up to the upper part in case of convection heating.

Left Lower Part
The temperatures of body were measured at each heating room after 10 minutes.
It can be found that it is evenly warm from the head to the feet in case of the floor heating, while it is warm only for the head and it becomes colder for the lower part in case of the convection heating.

│ Why is it ‘HEAT PLUS’? │

You know that the floor heating is useful for health and pleasant, and that the heating film is the most economical among various floor heating methods.
Now you should think of why the Hit Plus is good among the heating films.

1. The technology of the highest level in the world

- SEGGI Century has the technology to produce the Line Shape Film and Face Shape Film at an equipment, the one and only in the country.

This technology make the APN product to be produced, which has the merits of the Line Shape and Face Shape together.

2. The quality of the highest level in the world

- Obtained certificates and test results of each countries of the world

- Obtained the approval of Japanese Electric Safety Certificate (S-JET), which is the only case in the country.

3. The ‘HEAT PLUS’ acknowledged and distributed in the world

- Up to now, Hit Plus has been exported to more than 20 countries.
- It is being distributed through the official agents in more than 16 countries among them such as Japan, China, France, Czech, Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, Greece, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and Kyrgyzstan etc.

The floor heating that is useful for health and makes a pleasant environment, now goes together with the HEAT PLUS!!



Model No.SizeWattLayersHeat
APN-4101000㎜(W)*75m(L)*0.4㎜(T) 220W/M6 Layers 100℃
APN-405500㎜(W)*75m(L)*0.4㎜(T) 180W/M 6 Layers 100℃

│ Comparison of APN-410, 405 with the current Face Shape Film │

1. Silver Bus Bar
- The electric stability of the current AEN-100 is decreased as the copper film is directly put on the carbon, but the electric stability of the APN-410 is superior as the copper film is placed on the silver bus bar.

2. Improved Heat Resistance
- While the heat-resisting temperature of the current AEN-100 was about 80 degrees due to the PE, the heat-resisting temperature of the APN-410 is improved as 100 degrees. (For reference, the heat-resisting temperature of the Line Shape Film is 60~70 degrees due to the EVA.)

3. Negative-ion Layer
- Negative-ion releasing material is specially applied for the final covering of the APN-410.

4. Elaborate Copper Film Tension Work
- The tension of the current AEN-100 was not elaborately adjusted due to the limit of the adhesion method, and there was a phenomenon that the copper film area wrinkled in a shape of wave. However, this problem is solved with the APN-410, and there is no phenomenon of being wrinkled.


5. Face Shape Film... No More Inconvenient Construction !!!
- There is an inconvenience of soldering for the current face shape film. Now please construct the face shape film simply by use of the terminal. And the inconvenience of construction and stock control is reduced with the launching of the width of 50㎝.



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Seggi Century Co Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
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Park Hoon Kyu
278 Eunam-ri, Chopyeong-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Electric Heaters,Flooring & Accessories
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Company introduction

Seggi Century Co., Ltd. is one of the oldest and the biggest underfloor heating film manufacturers in Korea.


Seggi Century Co., Ltd. has established in 2005 as a carbon heating film manufacturer and exporter, and our products are highly accepted by many countries (Japan, Czech, China, Slovakia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and many other Central Asia countries) under product name of Heat-Plus.




What we want to emphasize is Seggi Century is the only infrared heating film manufacturer that exports heating film to Japan. As you know quality standard of Japan is extremly high and it proves that quality of our products is extraordinary.

Also we are Samsung Heavy Industry's supply partner. They are using Heat Plus for building LNG ship. If you choose Heat Plus, you choose THE BEST. 



One more thing that I want to say: there is no company who can supply both normal (stripe type) and premium (all coated type) but we are!


We guarantee both quailty and shipment on time will be always met at your request and actively respond to your need.


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Argentina Argentina

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Seggi Century Co.,Ltd.

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