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3 the-sunblind


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level3

Response Rate 29.41%

Main products Paulownia wood blind
Rainbow combi blind
7line combi blind
Combination blind

Product Information

7line combi blind


General combi blind the best the blind value 7LINE
The width of the fabric of the mesh width is 10CM and 14CM a whopping, and the quality of the product is being felt by the textile fabric is folded in seven folds in the fabric
Mesh fabric and a large part of the house I have seen wider effects and best products to produce a neat atmosphere


Since 2008, Our company had managed a factory, named the Il-jin Art, that had established in order to produce floors, blinds, timber carpets for interior products that use timber.
On August 2014, our company was converted to a corporation, The Sun Blind.
Since then, we have produced wood blinds using paulownia wood.
Our company to make complete products by painting timbers is unique in our country. In addition, because of using eco-friendly paint, our company is separated