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whitening cream, moisturizer, skin care, snow white,
Facial Care , Face Cream & Lotion
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South Korea South Korea / 2008
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Product name Snow White Skin Care Set Certification -
Category Facial Care
Face Cream & Lotion
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Improve your fine lines with DSB Snow White double functional line!

Anti-wrinkle & whitening double action skin care for fine lines!

Deep wrinkles start from fine lines. The ideal way to improve wrinkles is to prevent wrinkles by taking care of fine lines from the beginning. Snow White skin care line is a double-functional basic skin care line suitable for improving dry skin and moisturizing it when the skin starts to be wrinkled.

Tuning up the skin with essential toner -> High concentration essence with no sticky feel -> Forming a skin’s strong moisture barrier with moisture coating lotion -> Keeping the skin around eyes soft, supple and non-irritated with nutrition eye cream -> Keeping the skin velvety smooth with nutrition cream.


[Toner] Immediate moisture supply after face washing! This boosting toner tunes up the skin and immediately moisturizes it to enhance the absorption and effects of the following skin care items. Refreshed skin without a sticky after-feel -> Sufficient supply of moisture -> Tuning up the skin.



[Essence] Strong hydration with just one drop! Only a small amount of the high-concentration essence sufficiently nourishes the skin and keeps it brighter and more elastic without leaving a sticky feel. -> Concentrated nutrients -> Intensive skin hydration -> Improved skin elasticity.


[Lotion] Effect of moisture-retaining coat on the skin! The lotion forms a moisture protective barrier and keeps the level of oil and moisture in the skin balanced. Accelerated skin hydration -> Balanced level of oil and moisture in the skin -> Healthy and lively skin.


[Cream] Deep nourishing the skin from the inside! The nutrition cream delivers concentrated nutrients deep into the skin and leaves it velvety smooth. Deep nourishing -> Strong moisture protective barrier -> Improved skin elasticity.


[Eye cream] Keep the skin around eyes brighter and more elastic! The eye cream moisturizes the sensitive skin around eyes soft, supple, elastic and bright without causing any irritation. Non-irritant smooth texture -> Fine lines and whitening care -> Soft, supple and lively skin around eyes .



Preventing fine lines through full hydration -> Improving both fine lines and skin tone -> Bright, elastic and younger-looking skin.




<Nourishing and moisturizing>


Yeast extract: Yeast extracted through fermentation technology is rich in natural amino acids and other nutrients. It keeps the skin smoother and more elastic by promoting skin turnover.


Macadamia nut oil: As natural oil with high affinity for skin, it keeps rough, dry skin soft, supple and elastic and forms a barrier on the outer skin that prevents moisture loss.


Licorice extract: Softens and soothes troubled skin and takes care of sensitive skin caused by environmental pollution.


Hyaluronic acid: As it holds moisture 6,000 times its own weight, it provides strong moisturizing effect and strengthens the dermal tissues.


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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2008
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1115 Kumgang Penterium IT Tower, 282 Hagui-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Cushion Foundation,Facial Care,Makeup
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Established in 2008, We are specialized in skin care production in the areas of biotechnology and cosmeceutical and well known for close relationship and service to all over the cosmetic market. Our high quailty cosmetics have received good reputation through domestic and oversea cosmetic market. Especially in the Chinese market where the Korean cosmetics wave is sweeping, we are promoting the excellence of Korean made cosmetic products ranked with other famous imported brands equally by selling them through department stores and large brand chain stores.  All cosmetic products from DSB are manufactured for export only. Our products are manufactured by the companies only approved by CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) such as Kolmar Korea, Cosmax, HnG Cosmetics, etc. and increasing their reputation and marketability as an export commodity.


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