Seasoned Squid

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7 CheongA Goodfood Co., Ltd.

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    South Korea South Korea

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    Seasoned Squid


    Salted fish types / Side dish types Individually packaged
    Salted/pickled products and side dishes are individually packaged so that they may be enjoyed in convenience of your homes.

    Are thinly sliced fresh squid with which various spiced and condimnets are seasoned after being preserved with salt.
    Any can enjoy the taste of this product.


    Cheong A Good Food Co.,Ltd is specialized with Korea tranditioal foods of salted fishery and an exporting company making side dishes with agricultural and marine materials. Currently, we are export to US and Japan
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    7 CheongA Goodfood Co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Yoo Jaeju

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      650-3, Chowon-ri, Gonggeun-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea

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      Food Processing,Other Foods

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      • Seasoned Small Octopus

        Seasoned Small Octopus

      • Seasoned Squid

        Seasoned Squid

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