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6 Donghae Diaper

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    We, DongHae Diaper Co., Ltd. is the manufacturing corporation located in “Dong-Hae the Sunrise” Donghae City, Gangwon-do, which is a Free Trade Zone in Korea.

    Our company was established in August, 2015 , in cooperation with Donghae City, Kangwon-do, and entered into a brand partnership with Agaworld, which is the leading company in infant education field. Also, we have constructed firm business network through the 10 branches of ours across the country.

    We have a patent of ‘Functional patches for pads beneficial to humans’ (patent no. 10-1623146), and have been producing various products for people who use our sanitary pads to improve their health.  Thank you.




    1. Top Sheet


    Do not worry about the day with large amount. Quicker absorption than cotton cover helps you maintain the best state. 



    2. Patch made of new material

    Catch power official agency certificated chip beneficial to health is embedded.

    Emission of a negative ion (700-1000 10N/cc) / Emission of far-infrared radiation / Effect of terrestrial magnetism / Antibacterial effect


    3. Double cotton air laid

    As it catches harmful substance, dust, and helps convenient blood flow as absorber, it keeps you fresh.

    Under the wrap comfortably again.


    4. Powerful Absorbent  Polymer  

    It prevents flow of blood by absorbing blood quickly and makes it jelly within 2 seconds.       


    5. Breathable back sheet

    You can greet comfortable the day as if you wore it or you did not wear it as air infiltrates it and moisture and blood are removed.


    6. Using adhesive that is not harmful to human   

    By using Germany Henkel’s adhesive which is not harmful to human, it does not leave residue in underwear and is finished with cleanness, so you can spend your days in freshness






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    6 Donghae Diaper

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Dongwook Kim

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      Gongdan 1-ro,177, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

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      Feminine Hygiene,Medical Face Mask

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      • Donghae Diaper
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      • Donghae Mask_ Fine day Mask

        Donghae Mask, Fine day Mask

      • Apple Flower sanitary napkin

        Apple Flower sanitary napkin

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