Manufacturer-Ceramic Crucial,Sagger,Boat

Manufacturer-Ceramic Crucial,Sagger,Boat

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industrial ceramics, alumina ceramic products, high performance ceramics, manufacturer ceramic crucial sagger boat,
Other Measuring & Gauging
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Lonci Group Co.,Ltd

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China China / 2012
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Product Description
Alumina Crucibles Engineered for Broad Applications, Repeatable Performance and a Service Limit of 1800 centigrade in Vacuum or Oxidizing Atmospheres . With configurations to suit your particular needs. Ideal for induction melting of superalloy metals, in vacuum or oxidizing atmospheres. Markets served include: Aerospace, Crystal Growing, Dental, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Medical, Precious Metals and the processing of Zirconia.


Zirconia Crucible
Zirconium Oxide Crucibles deliver cleaner melts at temperatures up to 1900 centigrade and beyond. They are engineered for the melting of superalloys and precious metals and deliver heat-up and cool-down schedules that keep your foundry productive. we inventory the most common crucible sizes, with configurations to suit your particular needs. Markets served include: Aerospace, Power Generation, Medical, Precious Metals and Dental.


Product Specification/Models
Standard dimension(mm)
 High-purity alumina & zirconia crucible, specifications: 5ml,10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml-5000ml. The dimensions can be customized.


Other Information
Lonci has certificated by ISO 9001 and is able to customize Alumina products to meet your special requirements by high quality raw materials,advanced process technology and production equipment,monitoring and testing methods etc,also,according to your working conditions and operational performance.Until now,we own 10 kilns at Hebei factory and 3 kilns at Jiangsu factory,including top-hat kiln,dome kiln and shuttle kiln.Meanwhile,We can adjust the pressure of Dry press forming machine from 60 tons to 400 tons,we also have purchased High temperature muffle furnace,Bending compression tester,Short-term voltage tester,Laser particle size tester and some other advanced property test machines,by all of which Lonci will ensure every piece of tube has perfect quality.And more,Lonci engages in original designs and have possessed many patents.


In addition, timely delivery, stocks and product information are available.


Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. FREE SAMPLES will be sent for your evaluation!
Note:If we have available stocks for your sizes,free samples can be sent to you but you bear the freight. If your sample is custom-made,you should pay for both the sample fee and freight.


Thanks and best regards! 

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Lonci Group Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2012
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Candy Wang
NO.66 ShaHe RD,ShangHai,China
Product Category
Ceramics,Electroceramics,Refractory,Temperature Instruments
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Company introduction

LONCI GROUP is the leading fine ceramic manufacturer which was established in 1988.LONCI has owned 2 factoriesand marketing centreSpecializing in developing fince ceramic science & technologyproduction and trading.The main products arehigh quality alumina ceramic tubealumina ceramic rodceramic rolleralumina lining brickalumina cruciblespecial industry ceramic.LONCI manufactures over 150,000 pieces quality ceramic tubesrod and rollersand over 9000 tons of alumina lining bricks and other technical ceramics,which help us have a significant share in the world market.


While focusing on technical ceramic production,LONCI pays much attention to technology innovation and research.and has been making a lo of breakthroughs in recent years.Up until now,LONCI is holding many self-developed intellectual property rights.Facing today's new international competition,LONCI has been establishing and implementing Globalization,Famous Brand Strategy and Multi-fields.Until now,our products have been sold to America,Germany,Japan,Italy,Spain,Korea,Egypt,Indonesia,Turkey,Russia,Taiwan Province etc.Our products are providing service for ceramic industry,petrol chemical industry,casting industry,steel industry,mining industry,power industry,petrol chemical industry and chemical industry.LONCI is specilizing in fine ceramic industry,closer to market and customers and providing best solution upon customer's.With high quality products,perfect service and scientific management,the popularity,reputation and social recognition of LONCI is improved greatly.



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