Forbeaut Electronic Men's Hair Styling Straightner MStyler

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hair equipment, hair straghtener, men hair product, men cosmetics
Hair Dryer , Hair Straightener , Other Beauty Appliance , Hair Styling Products
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Deep Point Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2017
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Product name Forbeaut Electronic Men's Hair Styling Straightner MStyler Certification -
Category Hair Dryer
Hair Straightener
Other Beauty Appliance
Hair Styling Products
Ingredients -
Keyword hair equipment , hair straghtener , men hair product , men cosmetics Unit Size 24.5 * 2.5 * 5.0 cm
Brand name Forbeaut Unit Weigh 155 g
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 8516320000

Product Information



For:Beaut is different.
We are challengers against cliche, heading to the next level that other competitors
can not be chased on. Top notch ideas are developing followed by countless studies
and researches to get on the top of the industry.


For:Beaut is always new.
We are focusing on ‘Hip & Trendy Generation’ customers and their ’Beauty Life’
For:Beaut will lead you to make your life easier and beautiful.
Experience the ultimate ‘Beauty Life’ simply over the product.




Mens Hair Straightener



Defined the concept of Mens Hair Straightener.

M’Styler became a name for mens hair straightener in beauty industry.


Combing & Styling

Traditional hair straighteners had only focused on womens’ long length of hair, shaped like clip-ons to hold and support long hair.
MStyler changed the point of view for short hair in hair straightener.
Revolutionary techniques of heat-resistant PBT material sealed the teeth of combs combined with nano-ceramic plate on the bottom to boost style control.
Brush with no fear of burning scalp!



Fundamental features of MStyler are smoothen the hair cuticle for boosting hair manageability, reduce frizz and flyaways of sideburns, and lift up lifeless hair.



MStyler is the world’s first mens hair straightener came intoh te world by numerous researches from respected hair specialists.
M’Styler is a signature product of For:Beaut, which introduced mens hair device in beauty & hair industry.


Big Bang

Since 2016, For:Beaut MStyler trended quickly in beauty industry.
We earned the reputation, and created a market of mens hair device.
MStyler is an undefeated leader in mens beauty business, MStyler is widely considered as a synonym for ‘Mens hair straightener’.


Pomade Style

1. Part your hair as you wanted.
2. Give volume on the crease, and giving the front a bit more attention for some volume.
3. Slicking your side and finish off with pomade.


Regent Style

1. Push the hair upwards and forwards.
2. Press your side hair down.
3. Finish off with styling product, as you need .


Dandycut Style

1. Press your side hair down.
2. Back combing of your top and front part upward.
3. Combing down the back of your head.


Crewcut Style

1. Starting with the top of the head, comb your hair forward and press it down.
2. Working the shorter hairs down and the longer hairs up.
3. Finish off with styling product, as you need.

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Deep Point Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2017
Business type




Dongjun Lee
9, Nonhyeon-ro 126-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Hair Straightener,Hair Styling Products,Other Beauty Appliance,Other Hair Care Products
Year Established
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Deep Point Co.,Ltd is a company specialized in manufacturing hair care/styling products.

At present, brand products of Deep Point'Forbeaut' is greatly recognized by men in twenties to thirties who are more concerned with the quality of their life-style nowadays. One of the greatest reason for attracting such attention is Deep Point has ‘All in One System’ through which company can perform product planning, manufacturing, production, advertisementand sales independently.  Our goal is to understand the needs of men to provide the best product which meets the needs. The background that can realize the purpose is that we have Deep Point's own product designers, material experts, sales people in Korea and abroad as well as Deep Point’s own facilities which can backup their ideas.




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