Portable camping heater for sleeping bag and tent heating

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South Korea South Korea / 2009
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Product name Portable camping heater for sleeping bag and tent heating Certification CE
Category Camping Ingredients -
Keyword backpacing heater , sleeping bag heater , portable camping heater , outdoor tent heater Unit Size 110.0 * 130.0 * 260.0 mm
Brand name LONGSPEAK-A Unit Weigh 2 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 7321820000

Product Information


Longspeak Backpackable Gas Boiler warms you by 60C/140F or Higher



Boiled Water Circulates and Heats Sleeping Bag


   & Heat Convection from Floor Warms Tent Air All Night Long






  • Boiled water circulates and heats sleeping bag
  • Heat convection from floor heats tent air
  • 8oz /230g iso-butane provides strong heat all night long
  • Fuel efficient (about 0.7oz /20g /hour)
  • Backpack-able lightweight (5 lb /2.3Kg)
  • No worry about gas poisoning or low oxygen. Boiler is installed outside sleeping place.
  • No worry about fire risk. Heat source is boiled water, not direct fire or heat.
  • Heats overnight. No need to wake up at night.
  • Works anywhere without power supply
  • Works even under -22F/30C temperature
  • Available for backpacking, ground camping, RV camping, Van camping, fishing and hunting stakeouts








Portable Butane Gas Boiler & Mattress (bundle)



4.3 x 5.1 x 10.2in /110 x 130 x 260mm


1.5ft x 4.4ft  /460 x 1350mm



2.3lb /1.05Kg


2.6lb /1.2Kg

Heating temperature


86F/30C ~ 176F/80C or higher


86F/30C ~176F/80C or higher



Stainless steel





Outside sleeping place, freestanding


Inside sleeping place

Input water

0.23gal /0.9L


N-butane or iso-butane (EN 417 screw connect required)

Fuel consumption

About 0.7oz/20g/hour (at 104F/40C boiler water temp)


Piezo electric

Max. heating time

11 hours (at 104F/40C, ambient temp 50F/10C, 8oz/230g iso-butane)

Heating area

21~64 ft2 /2~6m2

Available mattress

Small / single

Working temp

Fuel working temperature



Manufacturing country : South Korea

Payment terms : T/T, L/C, etc

Delivery terms : FOB South Korea(negotiable)

Whatsapp/Line/Wechat : +82 10 5592 6470









Add. : 117, Hwanggeum-ro, Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


Product Characteristics


1. Applied efficient boiler system to outdoor heating


Hydronic (water) systems are the most common radiant floor heating systems. A boiler heats water and flows it to tubing under the flooring, which acts as a lying radiator.

Hydronic radiant heating is more efficient than forced-air heating, using little fuel. It also doesn’t distribute allergens like forced-air systems can, but provides pleasant warming.

In addition, heat is convected from the bottom, so covering a sleeping bag or blanket can prevent a significant amount of heat from being lost to the ceiling and being wasted. In outdoor activities that depend on limited fuel and energy, this can lead to significant difference in heating effect and cost.



2. Continuous heating all night with little fuel


It is not pleasant experience to feel the life threatening and wake up several times at low temperatures below 32F/0C degrees, or even normal chilly night.

In this system, 8oz/230g butane can heat over 10 hours (Max.11 hours at 104F/40C, ambient temp 50F/10C) without changing canister.



3. Safe from low oxygen, gas poisoning & fire risk


Carbon Monoxide poisoning is still a real issue for campers. In the past few years we’ve heard of tragic stories around 50 people die each year from monoxide poisoning in tents, and more recently a family on a private boat.

Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when gas or charcoal (or fuels like them) fail to fully combust due to lack of oxygen in their surroundings.

Outdoor hydronic (water) heating system is invented out of this reason. Boiler heats water outside tent and heated water circulates throughout inside tent or sleeping bag, safely radiating heat wave.



4. Works anywhere


Total weight is 5lb/2.3Kg, enough to be backpacked. Also its heat source is butane, can be used without power supply, even at cold weather under -22F/-30C as far as fuel works.

Applied to backpacking, ground camping, RV camping, Van camping, fishing and hunting stakeouts.


Model LONGSPEAK : manual for 1 person


Boiler : 110 x 130 x 260mm/1.05Kg

Minimal pad : 500 x 1350mm/1.2Kg

Single pad : 750 x 1800mm/1.35Kg


Model LONGSPEAK-X : automatic for 1~3 persons

Operation Voltage : DC12V

Boiler : 155 x 155 x 220mm/1.7Kg

Minimal pad : 500 x 1350mm/1.2Kg

Single pad : 750 x 1800mm/1.35Kg

Double pad : 1030 x2030mm/2.6Kg

Triple pad : 1450 x 2030mm/3Kg


Product components

- Boiler

- Pad

- Temperature controller (for automatic type)

- Fuel connector and valve(for automatic type)

- Extension water hose : Sold separately


Additional requirements : user's purchasing

- 12V Li-ion battery and connecting cable(for automatic type)

- Gas press regulator(in case using propane)

- Gas converter(in case using other cartridge except for EN417 screw type)


Manufacturing country : South Korea

Payment terms : T/T, L/C, etc

Delivery terms : FOB South Korea(negotiable)

Whatsapp/Line/Wechat : +82 10 5592 6470


Verified Certificate


B2B Trade

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
Business type


Jason Park
Room 402, 1628-62, Keosong BD, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Product Category
Home & Kitchen,Timber,Wallpapers
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Company introduction

 We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in Korea producing various heating and health appliances, especially individual and separated heating products.

We have persevered in our efforts for your clean, healthy, genial space, and will keep trying in the customers trust for the best products and services through technical development, quality and customer satisfaction management.

It would be our great honor if your esteemed company comes together with us in this bright future ahead of the product.


Add(Headquarters) : Room 402, Keosong B/D, 24, Seoripul3-gil, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
(Factory) : #647 and 648, 2979, Hakun-Ri, Yangchon-up, Gimpo, Keongi-Do, Korea
Tel: +82-2-525-6470

Product line.
I - Hot water mattress.
-Easy to use
Just fill up the pure water and turn on the portable boiler. Within a few minutes the mattress temperature reaches 80C degree.
-Good for health - completely different with electric pad
Entirely safe by adopting electromagnetic shield technology
Embedded 9-step safety system
-Silent and robust
Specially invented low-noise (under 30dB: environmental noise) motor over 20,000 hours of lifespan and amply designed interior system including PCB
-Powerful heating capacity
500W of heating capacity and higher specification parts in all system
-Low energy consumption
Save energy by immersing CG heater used in Samsung refrigerator
-Repairs within 24 hours easily (in English)

II-Automatic camping boiler and water circulation pads
-Automatic igniter
-Aoutomatic gas filling/locking for maintaining set temperature
-Noxious gas emission detector
-Water circulation pump over 10,000 hours of durability
-High-temperature efficiency circulation capillaries of pads
-Convenient remote control.

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Noori wallpaper

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