jarae seasoned laver(big table size)

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7 Gwangcheon woori Gim Co., Ltd.

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    1. Since 1990, we have selected the best quality laver with traditional know-how.

    laver produced in the west coast mud located in Chungnam with a large tidal range, has distinctive nutrition, taste and flavor. And we only use the best quality laver produced in especially December and January when the laver tastes best.


    2. Traditional flavor, latest sanitary equipment and automation facilities

    Since we made laver with the high quality laver, fresh sesame oil and perilla oil and produced product in hygienic and safe environment, you can enjoy the taste just like your mothers used to cook before.


    3. kwangcheon seasoned laver with traditional taste that roasted twice and used only fresh laver

    In order to make real flavor of laver rather than oil or salt, we minimized to use oil and salt and roasted twice in order to make laver crispy. So, you can enjoy aromatic and traditional taste of laver.


    4. Only direct dealing with customers without distribution

    We do not make goods on a mass production basis but produce according to the order quantity and deliver immediately so that customers enjoy freshly roasted laver.




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    7 Gwangcheon woori Gim Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Uisu Jun

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      147-40, Gwangcheon-ro, Gwangcheon-eup, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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    • Verified Certificate HACCP FDA
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