All-In-One Radar and camera system

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14 Dongyang Electronics Co Ltd

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    All-In-One Radar and camera system





    The All-In-One radar camera uses 24GHz FMCW technology to detectstationary objects and people in blind spots. The radar integrated camera provides both blind-spot image and audible warning to the driver to prevent accidents. It assists drivers by notifying them of other vehicles as well as obstacles they may miss. You do not have to install a camera and radar separately. Just install one housing and connected one cable from radar to commercial- grade as well as IP69K waterproof rating.


    Features : All-In-One radar camera/Provide image and audible waring signal/24GHz FMCW technology/1080p Full HD/F.O.V:140˚/Night vision(IR LED & CDS sensor)/TDN: True day & night/Direction sensing to mimimize false alarm/Detection range: 43 x 4.0 m/Waterproof and rugged design






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    14 Dongyang Electronics Co Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Byeong Ha, Na

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      3201-101 Dongwon Benest Tower 642-2 Nonhyun-Dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

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      Car Cameras & Navigation,Vacuum Cleaners

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      We are Korea manufacturer all kinds of new concept high technology car multimedia and safety products and other consumer electronic products which have been supply for global many customers such as qualified of peculiarity and good quality.
      All our products are designed to be modernistic and comfortable structure anyone. The many years of experience which we have had in this business and extensive marketing out-lets at our disposal make us feel confident of our ability to under-take any commands from you.


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