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8 SnowTech Co.,Ltd.

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    Product name All season snowmaker, Ice Magic snow machine Certification CE
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    Keyword snow , snowmaker , snow machine , snow making machine Unit Size 800.0 * 1350.0 * 2350.0 mm
    Brand name ICE MAGIC SNOWMAKER Unit Weigh 550 kg
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    " All season snowmaker! Ice Magic"
       Real snow, Anywhere, Anytime! 
    Ice Magic is a snow machine that works in any season without being affected by temperature. Existing snow machines can produce snow only below zero degrees. However, Ice Magic can produce snow at any temperature.
    Furthermore, while existing snow machines require complicated additional facilities including a mass storage water tank, power and a high pressure pump for producing snow, Ice Magic can be utilized very efficiently because it can produce snow easily and simply any place and any time with only the input of ice, the material for making snow, and power.


    Snow machine ICE MAGIC - Features

    • It does no harm to humans and to the environment as it uses standard ice.
    • It can make snow anytime, even at temperatures other than the freezing point.
    • Easy to move around with diverse moving systems(Caster wheel type, Towed type, Motorized Type).
    • It can make snow anywhere as it is equipped with a hose.
    • It allows easy operation as it only needs to be connected to a power source (380V/3-phase) and does not require additional facilities.



    Technical Spec. (Main body)


     Three-phase380V (about 19㎾)


     about 550㎏

    Material for Snow


    Size of Ice Inlet

     290mm x 170mm


    Ice Size

     Scale ice(usually used to keep fish fresh) or the ice in 290mm(L) x 180mm  (W) x 200mm(H) or smaller

    Snow making


     4.8㎥/h of ice crushing per hour;snowmaking amount: 13.7㎥/h (snow gravity:0.35) (for scale ice, 8㎥/h of ice crushing per hour)


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    8 SnowTech Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Ju Sik

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      Sinni-myeon, Hwaseok-ri,283, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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      Other Machinery & Industry Equipment

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    • Company introduction


        SNOWTECH Co., Ltd. is fully dedicated to conducting research on and developing snowmaking technologies. The technology it has accumulated based on its continuous and persistent research has become richer and more solid, ready to march towards the global stage. The first achievement of our R&D is an artificial snowmaking machine named “SnowStar.” SnowStar is the very first snowmaking machine ever manufactured using Korea’s own technology, leading to the localization of snowmaking machine production, for which Korea previously entirely relied on imports. The product is currently advancing into the overseas markets, such as China, Russia, and Mongolia. The second achievement of our R&D is the world’s first indoor-use artificial snowmaking machine, SnowStar Magic.


        This is a newly conceptualized product equipped with a fresh technology that enables the making of real snow all year round, defying the generally accepted idea that snow can be seen only during winter. It has gained huge popularity as a unique item among overseas customers, particularly those in places where snow is hardly seen, and those living in Japan. Our third achievement is our Ice Magic snowmaking machine, which enables the production of snow even at temperatures other than the freezing point. It is a snowmaking machine that overcame the environmental limitation of its existing competitor products that is, that snow can be produced only at temperatures of zero and below. It can generate good quality snow slopes in indoor ski resorts, and it allows such resorts to open earlier than winter. Apart from these, it can be applied in a wide range of snow-related events.  


         We believe that snow is God’s most beautiful and romantic gift to man. While researching on and developing snowmaking technologies, we gain deeper insights on the relationship between man and nature. We at SNOWTECH will constantly pursue valuable technologies that harmonize men and nature, guided by our philosophy. 


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