Fuel additive(For diesel)

Fuel additive(For diesel)

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fuel saving, air pollutant reduction, diesel car, pm reduction, nox reduction
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Technobio Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1995
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Product name Fuel additive(For diesel) Certification -
Category Car Care Products Ingredients -
Keyword fuel saving , air pollutant reduction , diesel car , pm reduction , nox reduction Unit Size -
Brand name POWER-Z Unit Weigh -
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Supply type - HS code 3811900000

Product Information



All kinds of oil additives in both domestic and abroad markets are almost catalysts and with respect oil saving they do not effects as we expected. POWER-Z is made by top quality materials.


POWER-Z is sure to be world-class product epochal in prevention of pollution and reduction of dust and soot.

Conventional fuel-saving additives work by chemical catalytic reaction.

But for complete combustion, POWER-Z contains a organic compound that breaks fuel down into particles. this is the solution to the air pollution problem.

  • Fine Dust is reduced 20~50% of the total Fuel.
  • Fuel Saving 3%
  • Octane number of gasoline & Cetane number of diesel is increased

Perfect Combustion

POWER-Z decompose fuel oil particles into smaller particles , make the process of Oxidization combination easier, burn completely HC and is oxidized into H2O, CO2.

POWER-Z contain a large volume of Oxygen ingredient. So, at the time of combustion explosion, the Oxygen volume greatly increase by chemical reaction, and make excessive air volume reduce.

By special chemical reaction of POWER-Z, at the time of combustion reaction, compounded gas(O2) produce. (fuel saving effect)


(Laser Photographing SMD of fuel Oil paricles after adding Power-Z)

Effect & Characteristic

  1. POWER-Z breaks fuel down into particles
    - For complete combustion, Power-z contains organic compound that breaks fuel down into particles
  2. POWER-Z reduces the consumption of fuel.
    - Complete combustion of engine fuel by increasing O₂through oxidization, and reduced air and that result, reduced the consumption of fuel.
  3. POWER-Z makes the metal surface generates protective films.
    - Since it is softened and eventually removes the crystallized carbon inside the engine, it sharply expands engine life.
  4. POWER-Z builds 100% combustion because heat increases.
  5. Soots break down into particles.
    - When POWER-Z have used for long term, soots break down into particles and is softened to be removed.(boiler efficiency goes up)
  6. Sludge is decomposed by Fuel dispersant.
    - Sludge in Oil is decomposed to colloid by POWER-Z and than sludge is changed to be useful.
  7. Power goes up and Fume removes.
    - While combustion, CO is changed to CO2 HC is changed to H2O and CO2 And then reduce the fume and power goes up.
  8. CO and HC is changed to be combustion.
    - Fuel is decompose to help complete combustion.
  9. Power-Z Prevents the rust.
    - Rust is prevented by protective film, So that Engine output is increased and engine life is expanded.
  10. Power-Z reduces smoke and prevent air pollution.
    - Since Power-Z has a large volume of oxygen ingredients during combustion to decrease excessive air volume (adjustment), NOx and Sox generation volumes are reduced.

Time of Reaction

  1. For heavy Oil
    - First reaction is ( increased waste gas temperature, size & color of flame, amount of soot, flow rate vaporized etc.)
    The effects of Power-Z has showed after 1~2 weeks and fuel is softened to improve the quality. Finally, The effects of Power-Z has gotten satisfaction of result after 2~3 months.
  2. For diesel using boiler.
    - First reaction is ( reduced 50% of smoke, increased Flow rate vaporized, increased waste gas temperature, reduced noise of burner, color & size of flame. Etc. )
    - It has showed within 1~2 weeks. Heat caroly is increased and waste gas temperature is increased 20~50°C
    Nozzle should be replaced to smaller 10~15% of size.
  3. Time of reaction.
    - For Heavy Oil (before addition, efficiency is 85%)

    - For diesel using boiler (before addition, efficiency is 85%)

Presentation of Reaction.

  1. For heavy Oil
    - Reduces 30~50% of dust 
    - Reduces more than 30% of carbon. 
    - Remarkably reduces, NOx and CO 
    - Heat caroly is increased and waste gas temperature goes up to about 20~50 °C
    - Heat caroly is increased In case of automatic boiler, Air volume should be reduces by 20~30%
    Fuels should be decreased 10% for same waste gas temperature of normal condition. And also, the nozzle of burner is necessary (about 10%, for example; 10G/h ->9 G/h) .(Rdduces Nox) 
    - Color of flame is changed from red-orange to light-orange. 
    In case of burner, spray cap needs to control because flame is shorter. 
    - Soot in the fire tube is removed step by step.
    Heat duty is sharply increased. 
    - Combustibility particle in the fuel of tank, a sludge heavy metal, paraffin and moisture are decomposed to colloid. It is unnecessary to clean bottom of tank.
    (5% of sludge is remained in the bottom of main tank. It should be cleaned out every 5-10 years.). 
    - Evaporation drain shall be rising about 3% above
  2. Reaction of Power-Z from Light Oil 
    For Boiler (heavy Oil)
    Reduces 50% of Fine dust. 
    -Remarkably reduces , NOx and CO. 
    -Heat calory is increased and waste gastemperature goes up to about 20~50°C 
    -Heat calory is increased in case of automatic boiler, air volume should be reduces by 20~30%. Fuels should be decreased 10%, for example : 10G/h -> 9G/h
    Soot in the fire tube is removed step by step. Heat duty is sharply increased. 
    -Reduce & replace the nozzle along with the oil pressure shall be lowered. 
    -Rising in exhaust gas temperature causing energy loss, thus, the volume of air shall be reduced by 30%-50% approximately(N0x effective to low decrease). 
    -Unnecessary for nozzle replacement by attaching carbon. 
    -Unnecessary for cleaning by becoming fuel of the sludge in the fuel tank, underneath remainder(water, pollinosis, heavy metal) after making chloride it below 5 micron. 
    - Noise from burner will be reduced.

    For internal combustion engine.
    Reduces about 50% of Fine dust. 
    - Remarkably reduces , NOx, HC, CO. (Reduces 20~40%) 
    - Low temperature explosion and rapid combustion inside of internal -combustion engine to prevent engine over heating. 
    - Low temperature explosion caused by generation reaction of a large volume of exegen waste gas. 
    - Engine correctly start and injection part is cleaned. 
    - Engine pressure is recovered like that of the new engine output is increased by about 10~20%, since metal surface generates protective films when about 90 days passes after carbon is removed. 
    - Unnecessary for nozzle replacement by attaching carbon. 
    - Unnecessary cleaning of the tank by becoming fuel of the sludge in the fuel tank(water, pollinosis, heavy metal) after making chloride it below 5 micron. 
    - The number of output revolution is gradually increasing after input so that it will be back to normal state.

Microphoto graph of fuel Droplet

Before Use



After Use






1. For Motorcycle, Car, SUV

1 box = 6 × 50ml (1 bottle)

50ml(1bottle) of POWER-Z for Diesel 40~60 Liter refueling


2. For Bus, Truck, Heavy equipment

1 box = 4 × 100ml (1 bottle)

100ml(1bottle) of POWER-Z for Diesel 80~120 Liter refueling


Eco-Friendly fuel additive


1. Green Label Product

2. ISO 14001 & ISO 9001

3. Decrease of fuel consumption through enhancement of perfect combustion

4. About 2~4 % increase of power and torque

5. Carbon removal ans control of carbon generation

6. Decrease of exhaust gas(PM, NOx, HC)

7. Reduction of engine noise

8. Improvement of fuel injection system, Protection of engine from being overheated, and Improvement of engine ignition in winter seaseon

B2B Trade

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MOQ 100 Leadtime Negotiable
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Technobio Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1995
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Lee Young Seo
Paltan-myeon, Yulam-ri,112-7, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Company introduction

Energy saving and alternative energy development are getting important than any other times as petroleum is pricing up, giving more pressure. Most of various fuel saving products marketed home and overseas are just additives and what is worse, they rarely meet customers' expectations. Established to manufacture innovative fuel saving products(fuel additive), the company has developed "POWER-Z", one of such innovative products. POWER-Z saves light oil(gasoline) and heavy oil(crude petroleum) by splitting oil particles of 50~200um into 5~20um(decomposition temp.: 200吏�) uniformly, facilitating complete combustion. Furthermore, the product can also advantageously prevent air pollution from being reduced about 30 ~ 50%, from which operators can save consumption and additional positive effect at the same time. Considering the limit of effluent strictly restricted and controlled, POWER-Z must be a solution to save your production cost significantly. Is applied throughout the major dealing companies including Kolon Co.,Ltd., P&G Co.,Ltd., Korean Paper Co.,Ltd., and used for 5 years at Keuk-dong Fisheries Co.,Ltd., Dae-dong Marine Service Co.,Ltd, , Han-jin heavy Industries and Constructions.,Ltd ships Co.,Ltd An export-promising small & mid-size company and promising small & medium business, we, TechnoBio is continuously increasing the sales as our clients' factories strongly recommend our products. We also planned to be a company contributing to the nation's industrial competitiveness by driving export-oriented marketing strategies through our overseas sales organization. As a company specialized in energy saving and environmental protection, TechnoBio promises to contribute to the nation's economic growth with continuous researches and development efforts.

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