X-Ray Bone Densitometer, InAlyzer AIR

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bone densitometer, dexa, x-ray, bone densitometry,
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South Korea South Korea / 2013
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Product name X-Ray Bone Densitometer, InAlyzer AIR Certification -
Category Medical Analyzer Ingredients -
Keyword bone densitometer , dexa , x-ray , bone densitometry Unit Size 1850.0 * 800.0 * 1162.0 mm
Brand name MEDIKORS Unit Weigh 138 mg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 9022

Product Information

InAlyzer AIR uses a 64ch dual-energy x-ray detector based on fan-beam technology and obtains 64 rows of data per one x-ray irradiation, enabling the acquisition of data of higher resolution in a shorter time, unlike pencil beam system that obtains 1 row of data per one x-ray irradiation.


Also, the reliability and durability were enhanced by using an x-ray generator that does not require fast switching between high energy and low energy, and the x-ray detector that acquires high-resolution data of high energy and low energy independently provides high-quality images.



Feature of InAlyzer AIR


High resolution & Fast measurement

☞ By applying the energy-fixed x-ray generator, we minimized the failure rate, while the energy-independent high-resolution detector provides fast high-resolution results. Also, the DR image of high-resolution is provided.


Wide inside & Compact outside

☞ Our own equipment technology maximized the scan area, minimizing the patient's movement and external size for space efficiency in hospitals.


Powerful & user-friendly Interface

☞ In addition to high-resolution images, it provides various image-processing tools and the user-friendly ROI (Region Of Interest) enables convenient and accurate use of the analysis. Also, the self-diagnosis allows the equipment to maintain its performance and produce precise results.


Excellent & Robust design

☞ As a product of a national R&D project, the equipment features a beautiful design, including the world-first open bottom of its kind, reduced rate of errors caused by vibration during scanning, and therefore, high levels of accuracy and precision.





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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2013
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Killian Yoon
1007 Megacenter, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
X-Ray Equipment,Other Monitoring & Diagnostic Equipment
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Company introduction

Over30 % of the staff are researchers. As a technology-oriented company, we havebeen conducting various national R&D projects. In 2014, we launched theworld’s first 108-umbody composition analyzer for experimental animals, which is being supplied touniversities in Korea and abroad, university hospitals, national and publicresearch centers. Based on our technological competences, MediKors secured ahigh level of precision and radical price competitiveness, with which weentered the human medical equipment market and have been constantly striving tocontribute to distributing useful medical diagnosis and analysis technologies.

MediKorsvalues infinite challenge, sense of responsibility, craftsmanship and humanity,and strives to discover technologies and provide products and services thatenrich human life and happiness, with creative and honest staff. Under theslogan, ‘Technology makeslife’, we believe constant development of technologyenriches human life and try to provide a variety of high-tech products andservices that are easy to use.

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