Natural (= with nothing added to change the taste) jams

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South Korea
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Natural jams
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blueberry, mandarin orange, mango, passion fruit,
Other Foods

2 Iroun Mulgyeol

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    South Korea South Korea

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    Product name Natural (= with nothing added to change the taste) jams Certification -
    Category Other Foods Ingredients -
    Keyword blueberry , mandarin orange , mango , passion fruit Unit Size 7.0 * 6.5 * 11.0 cm
    Brand name Natural jams Unit Weigh 200 g
    origin South Korea Stock 1000
    Supply type Available HS code 2007911000
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    Mandarin orange/200 grammes


    Ingredients 82% of mandarin orange (= small orange, that has no seeds, and a loose skin that is easy to pull off) 12.3% of apple concentrate (= liquid which has been made stronger by removing most of the water from it) 5.7% of xylitol (= sweet-tasting transparent substance obtained from xylose which exists in some trees such as a birch and an oak)


    The small sweet orange is rich in vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant (= substance that removes dangerous molecules from the body)Pectin (= substance that is found in some fruits) in the apple concentrate is used to make jam thick and solid as it is cooked.


    Blueberry/200 grammes


    Ingredients 83.3% of blueberry (= dark blue berry that grows on bushes) 8.3% of apple concentrate (= substance that is made stronger because water has been removed) 7.1% of xylitol (= natural sweetener derived from a birch which is a tree with smooth bark and thin branches) 1.3% of lemon juice


    The small dark blue berry is rich in vitamin K that plays an essential role in blood clots (= forms a mass and stops flowing)vitamin C which is extremely important and necessary to keep connective tissue (= muscle or fat that exist between or join organs and other body parts) healthy.


    Mango & Passion fruit/200 grammes


    Ingredients 74.4% of mango (= tropical fruit with a thin skin and sweet yellow flesh) 11.2% of passion fruit (= small tropical fruit with a thick purple skin and many seeds inside) 7.4% of apple concentrate 6.3% of xylitol (= substance that is absorbed more slowly into the blood than sugar and contains 40% fewer calories than it) 0.7% of lemon juice


    A mango and passion fruit are rich in folic acid (= vitamin needed by the body to produce red blood cells) and riboflavin (= vitamin B2 which is important for producing energy)niacin (= vitamin B3 that is good for the skin and nervous system) respectively as well as vitamin C.

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    2 Iroun Mulgyeol

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kwanyong Shin

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      Jungdae-ro, 56, 7th floor (Cafe24 start-up centre),33, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Other Beauty Appliance,Energy Drinks,Other Pharmaceutical Chemicals

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      Iroun Mulgyeol (= Beneficial wave from Korean) was established in January 2020 with the aim of making beneficial waves in the world.   


      Products related to the COVID-19, cosmetic/bioengineering machines, ginseng/aloe vera drinks etc are supplied to overseas consumers at the moment.


      We provide people with goods that are of high quality at reasonable prices and try as hard as we can make them feel pleased and sure that the products/services are right/true.

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        Natural (= with nothing added to change the taste) jams

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