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bldc motor, uvc, copper hepa h13 filter, pm2.5 dust sensor,
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10 Won Motors Korea Co., Ltd.

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    Strong sterilization of UVC LED 275nm
    Remove 95.9% of viruses in the air


    High capacity HEPA13 filter
    Filters 99.97% of fine dust over 0.3μm


    Copper fiber filter layer sterilizes 99% of bacteria
    99.9% removal of 5 major bacteria


    Easy LED touch operation
    3 color mood light


    Powerful 8000RPM Motor
    Clean 90 liters of air per minute


    High Precision Sharp PM2.5 sensor
    Air quality is shown in numbers.


    CharacteristicUltra-fine dust measurement and number display
    H13 grade copper hepa filter
    UV-C LED sterilization
    Air quality 3-level LED indication
    Touch type 3-button operation control
    4-step operation mode
    Filter replacement alarm
    Input PowerDC 5V/ 1A(Power consumption 2.5W)
    Sensor and UV-CPM 2.5 LED Dust Sensor
    UV-C LED 275nm
    FilterH13 Copper Hepa filter (Filtration rate 9.97%)


    Replacement cycle : About 4 months (based on 4 hours use per per day)
    Fan motor/noiseMax 8,000RPM / 34~44dB
    Button/displayTouch / LED Display
    Weight/sizeApprox. 370g / 88x88x200mm (excluding support)
    KC certificationR-R-JYN-JW-3200
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    10 Won Motors Korea Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Won Son

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      1905, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Car Cameras & Navigation

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      WON MOTORS KOREA Co., Ltd. Is specialized in Automotive Navigation system. AVN product and accessories for Korea vehicles.

      Since established in 2006, we are focusing on supplying and developing customized car navigation system to satisfied with our partners inquiries. Whenever our partners need technical support and high quality products with competitive price and on time delivery.

      We always do our best to meet partners satisfaction. WON MOTORS always believe "Partner's satisfaction & trust is our success" we hope that our web page could provide you with valuable information what you want.

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