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    We are currently providing customers including university and company solution which can reduce time, cost, risk and increase efficiency. Especially, we are MetaVerse S/W company providing Digital Twin such as AI based XR(AR/VR/MR) Platform and Contents.


    We have original technology and global academical paper and patents integrating two dominant AI core technologies such as Computer Vision and Knowledge Management.


    This S/W Solution can be applied not only aviation education and maintenance in aviation industry, but also space industry, defense industry, Mobility industry, Smart Factory industry, etc. Therefore, there is a huge business scalability and growth potential.



    AK(Augmented Knowledge) is an industry innovative leader providing IAR-MAP(Intelligent Augmented Reality Maintenance Platform), an XR(AR/VR/MR) Platform for Education and Industrial Field supported by AI Technology. AK is providing Digital Twin of B737 including main landing gear and engine using MetaVerse.



    We have original technology and global academical paper and patents integrating two dominant AI core technologies such as Computer Vision and Knowledge Management. We have various IPs including “Unifying Augmented Reality and Big Data” and “Sampling Method and Image Processing Apparatus of CS-RANSAC for Estimating Homography”.

    We are targeting University, MRO, Aviation Industry, Space Industry, Mobility Industry, Defense Industry, Smart Factory, Telecom Industry, etc. Therefore, we are in the B2B sales type. Our solution can be applied into various industries based on digital transformation and 4th generation industrial revolution.


    We have 3 Business Models which are Contents, Platform and S/W License to smart glass manufacturers. We are providing Digital Twin of B737 saving $100 Mil. Currently, there are 10,000 B737, so our Growth Potential is more than $1 Tril. If we expand other types of airplanes, growth potential is much huge. It can increase efficiency more than 30% in terms of maintenance time. It can be expanded into other vertical lines including Smart Factory easily because we started from the most difficult and complex industry, Aviation Industry. 

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    1 Augmented Knowledge

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      South Korea South Korea
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      100 Inha-ro Michuhol-gu Incheon, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea

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      Telecommunication Services

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      We are currently providing customers including university and company solution which can reduce time, cost, risk and increase efficiency. Especially, we are MetaVerse S/W company providing Digital Twin such as AI based XR(AR/VR/MR) Platform and Contents.


      AK(Augmented Knowledge) is an industry innovative leader providing IAR-MAP(Intelligent Augmented Reality Maintenance Platform), an XR(AR/VR/MR) Platform for Education and Industrial Field supported by AI Technology. AK is providing Digital Twin of B737 including main landing gear and engine using MetaVerse.


      We have original technology and global academical paper and patents integrating two dominant AI core technologies such as Computer Vision and Knowledge Management.


      We have original technology and global academical paper and patents integrating two dominant AI core technologies such as Computer Vision and Knowledge Management. We have various IPs including “Unifying Augmented Reality and Big Data” and “Sampling Method and Image Processing Apparatus of CS-RANSAC for Estimating Homography”.


      This S/W Solution can be applied not only aviation education and maintenance in aviation industry, but also space industry, defense industry, Mobility industry, Smart Factory industry, etc. Therefore, there is a huge business scalability and growth potential.


      We are targeting University, MRO, Aviation Industry, Space Industry, Mobility Industry, Defense Industry, Smart Factory, Telecom Industry, etc. Therefore, we are in the B2B sales type. Our solution can be applied into various industries based on digital transformation and 4th generation industrial revolution.


      We have 3 Business Models which are Contents, Platform and S/W License to smart glass manufacturers. We are providing Digital Twin of B737 saving $100 Mil. Currently, there are 10,000 B737, so our Growth Potential is more than $1 Tril. If we expand other types of airplanes, growth potential is much huge. It can increase efficiency more than 30% in terms of maintenance time. It can be expanded into other vertical lines including Smart Factory easily because we started from the most difficult and complex industry, Aviation Industry.


      Through the successful technology and business, we are currently doing Series A Financing for Global Expansion up to USD 2 Million.

      (Recent company PR video link)



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      • IAR_MAP


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